When I was a kid, I wanted to be…

Do you remember when you were young how the world was as vast as your imagination. If we dreamt it, we figured there

Do you remember when you were young how the world was as vast as your imagination. If we dreamt it, we figured there was a pretty good chance we could make it happen. But then adulthood kicks in and you realise it’s just not practical to grow up and be a princess!

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did it change as you became an adult?

For some of us, our childhood dreams weren’t too far off our future reality. Many of us achieved career goals of becoming a police officer, a doctor or a farmer. It’s somewhat difficult, however, to become a superhero or an astronaut, but there’s no harm in dreaming!

Regardless of whether we grew up to be what we wanted to be, or have completely changed our minds, it’s the dream that counts. You never know where you might end up.

Have you grandkids started dreaming up crazy careers? Many times kids’ dreams are limited by what they know and understand. For instance, when kids dream up careers, they typically don’t know what the salary, duties or responsibilities involved are and yet, they don’t care! Instead, they focus on what sounds fun and interesting at the time.

Here are some typical answers:

  1. Doctor
  2. Teacher
  3. Firefighter
  4. Nurse
  5. Lawyer
  6. Astronaut
  7. Singer
  8. Veterinarian

What did you dream of becoming? Have you had multiple career paths?

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  1. I always wanted to be a hairdresser
    Later in life I wanted to sell realestate.
    But I first worked in my parents newsagents
    Then I was a barmaid
    Then I was a manager in a motel
    Then I was a manager in ladies fashion shops.
    Then I retired
    Started work are 14 retired at 62

    • Wendy  

      So did I Glenys, I so very much wanted to be a hairdresser but my father didn’t want me to be playing about with peoples’s dirty hair (he said) so he let me go nursing so I get to clean up people’s dirty bums instead! I’m almost 70 and I still would of liked to of been a hairdresser. I think I could of been a good one.
      Office clerk
      Meteorological Assistant
      Nursing Home domestic

  2. I wanted to be an opera singer. I went to see a careers guidance counsellor at school, but was told I couldn’t do that, I would need to get a “proper” job. So, being naive at that age, I just said “Oh, I can’t do that” and didn’t do any more about it for many years. I went to the Conservatorium of Music when I was 38 and did extremely well, but by then it was too late for me. So never let anyone tell you you can’t do what you want. I only regret it in a small way now though, I wouldn’t have my wonderful family I suppose if my life had gone another way.

  3. I wavered between being an air hostess and a veterinary surgeon (lol bit different eh?) but wasn’t able to do either as I had to leave school and get a job early.

  4. Heather Hackett  

    I wanted to be a nurse from a young age. At 17 years and ten days I started my general training and 44 years later I retired. Nursed all those years. General, midwifery, geriatric, community nursing and last, but not least, Tresillian. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. No regrets

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