What year did you get married?

Most people are getting married later and later in life. In 1970 the average age to get married was 23 for men and

Most people are getting married later and later in life. In 1970 the average age to get married was 23 for men and 20 for women. Back than these were considered appropriate ages to marry the love of your life. However the norm now has taken a leap 6 years down the track to 28 for men and 26 for women. Does this mean that future generations won’t make the same milestones that our generation will be able to reach? How old were you when you got married? 

It’s interesting to note that even though the reasonable age to wed has changed, the norm is still that men will be older than women when popping the big question.

Let’s take a look at some wedding photos from the 70s! Look at how styles have changed too!


Image source Wedding Dash


Image source Bell Street Bridal


Image source Flickr/Lisa

Which milestone anniversary are you approaching?

  • 20 (China)
  • 25 (Silver)
  • 30 (Pearls)
  • 35 (Coral)
  • 40 (Ruby)
  • 45 (Sapphire)
  • 50 (Gold)
  • 60 (Diamond)
  1. Lorna Trass  

    October will be our 60th wedding anniversary, and we married at the ripe old age of 17 years…..We always knew that it was for life and within five years we were the proud parents of four children. Our wedding anniversary has always been the most important day of the year to us and maybe that has helped us to make it through the ups and downs of married life. Are we still in love?? Yes, and cannot believe how quick the years have gone by.

  2. Lyn Eggleston  

    I was married just after I turned 21, in 1969. My husband, whom I had known since I was 16, was 22.

  3. Marilyn  

    Got married at 20 in 1969……So this Nov would be our 47th anniversary……Now I have no one to celebrate with as he passed away 8 years ago……He was and still is the love of my life……xxxx

  4. Lee  

    I was 20, husband was 21, 3 beautiful girls and 5 grandchildren later,we celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Still very much in love

  5. Jo-Anne Hardacre  

    Married in April 1975,I was 21,he was 24,we have 3 sons,born in 1979,1982 & 1984. This year we celebrate our 41st Wedding Anniversary! Only one of our sons has married,one year ago.We have no grandchildren.
    Today’s society has different values,when we decided on a family,I became pregnant 3 times,had healthy babies,and,natural births.We all make choices in life,I think we made good choices,but,I think “the cycle” will change in generations to come,not just now.I would not change the choices I made at all.

  6. Helen  

    I was married for 31 years my lying ex cheated on me with his tart secretary within 9!months after he left he was engaged and married straight after our divorce this year it would have been 40 years . I wouldn’t have him back if he was the last Man on earth

  7. Maureen  

    It will be our 48th anniversary on 1st Nov. this year, was married at 17, husband 18, everyone said it would never last, hey, it did and still going strong. Have 1 son and 4 beautiful grand-daughters and 1 great-grandson.

  8. I was married on the 12/12/1964 in the UK. I was 18 & my husband was 24. We emigrated to NZ in 1975 with our 2 young sons. We spent our 50th anniversary in Sydney. My husband passed away on 30/09/2015 after a 2 month illness. Like everyone we had our ups & downs but it was a good marriage!

  9. Shelley Cox  

    The third photo looks very much like our wedding in 1976. Brown suits and long hair. Will be celebrating 40 hears this October. I was 22 hubby 21, and still going good.

  10. Elsbeth Waghorn  

    We have just had our 60th anniversary and we are soon to have a large Party as My Husband is turning 90 and I will be 78..We have had a varied life as he was in the NZ Air Force so lots of moves.We had three children…

  11. Jennifer Vickery(Appleyard)  

    I was married in 1973 in Camberwell London, we had a great day, the wedding car broke down in the Walworth Road and our driver Peter got out and fixed it and everyone waved to us while we waited. We arrived at our reception late and everyone was on their second glass of sherry! What a day, we have two children and 5 grandchildren and we now live in Australia.

  12. Married 14th October 1967 at Oyster Bay NSW and have 4 children and 12 grandchildren who are just beauiful.

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