What was your first car?

Getting your first car represents one of the most liberating times of your life. It meant having a four-wheeled freedom machine to go

Getting your first car represents one of the most liberating times of your life. It meant having a four-wheeled freedom machine to go where you want, when you want, as long as your weren’t home too late. Whether it was a hand-me-down from an older sibling or something you had saved up for for years, you always remember your first car. What are you memories of your first car?

Some of the most popular cars of the 1960s were the EH Holden and Ford Falcon. The EH became the fastest selling car ever in Australia with over 250,000 being sold in 18 months. In 2013 only 30,000 Holden Commodores were sold, just to put it into perspective for you. With the 1970s came the Holden Kingswood, which was introduced and praised as a bigger, heavier and more solid car to its predecessor and raised the benchmark.

General Motors-Holden's assembly line at Dandenong

Image Source: National Archives of Australia 

However as the 80s approached, a fundamental change began in the Australian automotive industry with the introduction the Commodore. With a European influence the Commodore was smaller, lighter and more fuel economical. The Commodore however fell short of expectations and Ford finally caught up with the market leader, introducing the XD Ford which went on to become a top seller and market leader for the Blue Oval brand.

Were any of these Australian icons parked in your garage as your first car?

  1. Rob Ozanne  

    A Morris 8 Series E made in 1948 was an updated 1938 model

  2. Bob Ramsden  

    A 1938 Austin 8 for which I paid 50 Pounds ($100)in 1958

  3. My first car I bought in 1964 with my parent’s help. It was a navy blue Volkswagen sedan. The number plate was 12-250 and I still have that number plate today on my Landcruiser Prado all those years later.

  4. H.K.Holden station wagon manuel,drove it to queens land ,south Australia,every where drove to work every day ,but heater no good ,demister no good ,no radio, awful seats.bad paint ,crappy seat belts, crappy bench seats,bad lights,hard to park, hard to steer,poor acceleration,bad fuel economy.totally substandard .americans contempt for us.built to a price ,crappy brakes,very rusty.paint easy damaged.if they tried to sell one today it would pass a road worthy brand new.


    My first car was a 1954 VELOX VAUXHALL I was the luckiest boy around Blue with 3 silver stripes down the Bonnet and the Boot White fringe around back window and to Cushions up the back I thoughI was cool.

  6. Dennis dowsett  

    It was a one owner 1953 FX Holden 225 painted in skipper blue. They were the days!

  7. 1952 Ford Prefect. Black, of course.Bought second hand in 1964 for 10 pounds. 10 pounds was the equivalent value to 220 loafs of bread or 150 pints of milk.

  8. John Brants  

    40 hours of vacation gardening in November 1968 earned me $200. $175 of that bought me a green 1956 FJ Holden with modified 3 on the floor.How I survived the 3 months that I had it I don’t know .Full of covered up rust throughout and brakes and steering independent of driver input made driving ??? the beast a hair raising challenge .I’ve now owned 28 cars but never another Holden and never a Ford.Second car was a 1960 Vauxhall Cresta.

  9. Paul Boland  

    My first car was a new 1960 FB Holden purchased for me by my parents from Eagers on Ann street in the Brisbane Valley. I was very proud of it. I would clean it every Saturday afternoon including stripping the interior seats and rubber floor mats completely.

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