What was your favourite treat from the corner store?

Mixed biscuits in big tins, fizzy drinks, Cobbers, Choo Choo bars and so many other lollies all for penny or

Mixed biscuits in big tins, fizzy drinks, Cobbers, Choo Choo bars and so many other lollies all for penny or a shilling, The corner store was the place of childhood dreams!

What was your favourite memory of going to the corner store? Did you use to look up at the high shelves and spend ages choosing which sweet you would get from the big jars? Was it a weekly treat after getting your hard earned pocket money?


Image Source: National Archives of Australia 

There have been quite a few lollies that have changed over time to be more ‘politically correct’, like ‘Fags’. You know the ones; they use to be thin white sticks with red tips that resembled cigarettes. They are now without the red tip and are called ‘fun sticks’ because of concerns about promoting smoking in children.


Image Source: PetersMlikBar 

There were also Golliwog biscuits that were accused of being racist and renamed Scalliwags before being discontinued.


Image Source: MuseumVictoria

What do you think of this? Where these actions against simple childhood treats extreme or necessary?

  1. choo choo bars was my favourite. My sister and I got 10 shillings each pocket money (by heaven’s we worked for it) I also loved getting mixed lollies. I used to buy fags as well.

    • Dianne Gilbey  

      I loved choo choo bars as well and black cats and cobblers. Loved being able to go and pick a mix of lollies.

  2. Mary Knight  

    Sherbet Fountains were my favourite!

  3. Lyn mcgowran  

    We used to take our lemonade bottles back to the shop and got twopence for each bottle. My favourite sweet was sherbet in a triangular packet with a licorice straw. (Three pence) my second favourite was a violet crumble bar, however shared it with my brother because it was so rich if I ate the lot I would be sick.

  4. Susan Bell  

    My very serious and solemn father loved akin for a lubberly jobbery at the milk bar and it always made me laugh. Once he brought home a gross of Choo Choo bars and a gross of White Nights . All the kids in the little street we lived on spent two days sitting in the tops of the trees in the pine grove scoffing the lot

  5. Dave Johnston  

    My corner shop was a deli and fish and chip shop. (NZ)Used to go in periodically and ask if there was any crispies. That is….. The left over batter when cooking battered fish in the vat. These used to float around the vat until scooped out and placed in a container adjacent to the vat. On asking, these crispies were put in a basket , re cooked in the vat and then wrapped and give to us local kids as a treat. Hot crispy batte with salt and vinegar …………Excellent.
    Anyone else recall this.

    • foureyes  

      In England, they’re called ‘scraps’, and are given free to homeless people who come in and ask. By the nice chip shop owners anyway.

  6. foureyes  

    Firstly, it was a corner SHOP, not a corner store. Then, they were not all a penny each! Cobbers were a penny, so we didn’t buy those. Aniseed balls were 4 a penny, and mint leaves 8 a penny, freckles 2 a penny. Sometimes stretched to sherbies, but sadly, they’ve been bought out now by the evil nestle, so we can’t buy those now either…

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