What school did you attend?

Schooling is such a massive part of childhood and everyone has a different experience of it depending on where they attended.

Schooling is such a massive part of childhood and everyone has a different experience of it depending on where they attended. So we’re wondering, where did you go to school? Did your kids or grandkids attend the same school?

For many of us, we grew up close to our local school and either walked or caught the bus each day. While the rest of us were from the country and had to attend a boarding school far from home. Either way, there are so many fond (and not so fond) memories that come flooding back simply from looking at photos.

Have a look at these images and tell us what you loved and hated about school!


Do you remember sharing these desks on hot summer days when air conditioning didn’t exist?


What about school photo day! Did you ever actually get a good one?


Image source: National Archives of Australia

And of course, the memories of milk at school! Not such a pleasant memory, though it’s funny to reminisce!

  1. Liz Tant  

    I went to St.Colmans primary in Balaclava and then PCW a.Not
    the happiest times as I was very shy and felt I didn’t fit in.Now at 65 I am more outgoing and enjoying life.

  2. I am from Scotland, went to St.Ninians primary school then High School of Stirling

  3. Barbara Watson  

    I started at Paddington Public School Paddington NSW then North Strathfield Public School lastly Croydon Home Science. This was in the late fortiers and fifties.

  4. Rylstone Public School in country NSW where we had combined classes (so many wonderful memories) and then on to Kandos High School, 5 miles away on the bus each day. Golden days and friends made there visited just last week.

  5. I started at Essendon Grammar, went to a school in Malaya, then to the Tennant Creek State School (the powdered milk was disgusting and put me off drinking straight milk for life). I spent high school at Thornburgh College, Charters Towers which wasn’t the happiest time of my life, but the teachers were amazing. A boarding school, there was never any hint of impropriety by staff who looked after us very well.

  6. Eric  

    My father was in the RAF so my 1st school was Doddmire😣 in Darlington UK , then AT RAF FASSBERG GERMANY, 😑then RAF WADDINGTON☺ Lincolnshire UK,then Bracebridge Heath Lincolnshire, 😲then North Hykeham Grammar, then 😣BFS Koln😊then Queens School Munchen Gladbach 😊then Secondary School àt Kircem in Lancashire UK 😕

    • Moira Casey  

      A bit like myself Eric. South Cerney Lincolnshire (?) St Agustine’s , Leeds, RAF Wildenrath, Germany, St Mary’s, Exton, Rutland then boarding school in Skipton, Yorkshire.

  7. Janice Langer-Waters  

    I went to Penshurst Public School in NSW. Then Penshurst Girls High.

  8. lorretta murphy  

    Started at Acland state primary then Harlaxton state both in Queensland, then we had a massive move to Victoria where i attended Westgarth St Central and then Helen st and the finally on to Northcote Tech, which only accomadated teaching to year 10. Went back years later and did matric or its equivalent back in Queensland

  9. JAY  

    Primary school at Omeo State and then boarding school at SSLC in Gardenvale

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