What is your pet peeve?

While everyone have their own set ways and individual quirks, sometimes, these can be annoying instead of endearing – some

While everyone have their own set ways and individual quirks, sometimes, these can be annoying instead of endearing – some more so than others. These are referred to as pet peeves – annoyances that never fail to put you in a mood of resentment, anger or just plain unhappiness.

Everyone has a list of things that just rub them the wrong way. Here is a list of a few common pet peeves:

  • Drivers who don’t indicate while turning or changing lanes.
  • People with bad manners and a blatant disregard for etiquette.
  • People who use incorrect grammar.
  • Know-it-alls that interrupt while you’re talking.
  • Those that borrow books and either never return them, or return them in a bad condition.
  • Dirty surroundings, particularly dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Someone who decides it’s a good idea to talk during a movie, TV show or anything that requires attention.
  • Those that chew with their mouth open – whether it is food or even a stick of gum.
  • People who enter elevators, buses, and trains before the ones exiting have had a chance to disembark.
  • People who talk loudly on the phone.

Are these on your list of pet peeves? If not, tell us, what are some of your biggest nerve graters?

  1. Terri Rice  

    All of the above + people that let their children scream loudly & run amok around both the shopping centre & shops – why aren’t they at home in bed – allowing us adults to shop in peace?

  2. Sandy B  

    Find it very insulting if i have my hand out to receive change or product, and the person serving puts the change/product on the counter as well as while being served by a shop assistant, they chat/talk to someone else while you’re standing there. I try not to be too judgemental and if I don’t get a smile or greeting from anyone serving etc. I try to think that perhaps they are having to deal with something really heartbreaking etc. so I usually just give a smile and it is amazing how many times that evokes a smile in return.

    • Shop assistants are not your servants. You get upset if they don’t smile and greet you quick enough LOL customer from hell….

  3. Lee  

    All of the above and then some but my absolute top peeve is the new statement made on social media “educate yourself”. I find it appalling rude and lacking in both manners and education itself. Most people comment (in person and in writing) from their own experience. In my own experience, most of the people who make this ignorant statement think they are experts. They are often wrong. Believing the current media hype or stating something you believe to be true is a fact does not equate with education. Education is the training of the mind to think. Research is the gathering of information. Sorry, rant over 😬

  4. I cannot abide people who insist on playing their music for the whole neighbourhood to hear ,it makes my blood boil !!!

  5. A shop assistant who not only makes you wait but then asks what he can help you with, you say what you want help with then he says do you mind if I attend to this person first (another person who barged in) and then goes on to leave with this person regardless. As a result I shall never set foot in this store again.

    • Two sides to every story. Sometimes customers are time wasters and after helping shop assistants need to move on. Business o’s all about selling and helping and giving good service but sometimes people just want to chat even after they are told that the shop doesn’t have what you want. You can say no you are serving me but only if you have intentions to buy.

  6. merridelle CORNEY  

    The one thing thing really gets me riled is when you are on the inside lane of traffic and as soon as the light turns green the car in front then puts their indicator on to turn right with dozens of cars coming the other way. Grr

    • Jayne  

      Easy fix!
      Don’t get into R hand lane, if approaching Intersection, with no dedicated R lane turn!

      Note point #1, in above list!

  7. Janice  

    ALL of the above, especially #1…..but also persons’ who stop at the top, or bottom of stairs, or in a walkway, forgetting there’re other people right behind them!

    Men who ‘man spread’ on public transport, or at the Theatre, or movies’. Shut your legs, & give me my space, within my confines!

    Employees’ who continuously make ‘personal’ calls, when they’re supposed to be working.

    Shops’ sales ‘assistants’ who do everything they can possibly do to NOT assist a customer.
    Same goes for waiters/tresses, who ignore diners’.

    And lastly, just plain rude, ignorant people, full stop.

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