What is your pet’s name?

There are thousands of names to choose from and sometimes it can be daunting decision to find the perfect name

There are thousands of names to choose from and sometimes it can be daunting decision to find the perfect name for your pet. Interestingly, people largely name their animals as they would name themselves! How did you choose your pet’s name?

Here are the most popular dog and cat names from 2015! The top choices were pretty similar for both of our furry friends.


  1. Bella
  2. Charlie
  3. Max
  4. Molly
  5. Ruby


  1. Bella
  2. Charlie
  3. Oscar
  4. Max
  5. Molly

As well, here are some of the popular dog and cat breeds for Australia in 2015.


  1. Maltese cross
  2. Labrador
  3. Staffordshire bull terrier


  1. Domestic short hair
  2. Domestic house cat
  3. Domestic medium hair

Let’s take a look at some super duper cute pictures of our favourite furry friends.

What is your pet called? 

  1. Lee Ellis  

    4 cats, Chutney, Tobias, Raphael aka Darling & Anuschka

  2. Sue  

    Finnegan! Suits him….came with the name when we took him in as a rescue dog! Great little fellow!

  3. Two pet rats – Ophelia and Daisy. Ophelia is mink-roaned with a white blaze and Daisy is a dark beige self. Both of them have black eyes and are totally sweeties! Having a domesticated rattie is rather like owning a little possum. They are gentle, naughty, stash their food and are great fun to play wrestle with.

    My husband has a little tyrant of a budgie called Little Bird who bites when he tries to clean his cage and change his food.

  4. Susan Bell  

    Minka, a dingo. Minka means cave. She dug caves every day. If there was a big pile of dirt she would go crazy digging, then stop and rest her nose in the dirt and sigh happily.

  5. My little dog is called Taco , because he is half Mexican !! He’s a Chihuahua cross …
    I got him from RSPCA when he was three , he is an absolute treasure …

  6. Heidi  

    Have had lots of lovely names for my pets’ over my life.

    But I loved ‘Hollee’. She was my beautiful Welsh Pembroke Corgi, who lived to be nearly 16.
    She understood every word I said! Adored us all, as we did her, & she’s still sadly missed.

    I do really hope the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ is true, as I want to meet ALL my pets again………….

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