What is your middle name?

It is debatable how long middle names have existed in English speaking countries. They apparently originated from ancient Roma, where

It is debatable how long middle names have existed in English speaking countries. They apparently originated from ancient Roma, where having multiple names was an honour and a sign of class. It took many generations for the practice to become more common. Middle names have transformed from a faddish rarity to a practical requirement. Does your middle name have a story?

The choice of a middle name over time has been subject to various influences. The mother’s family name was a popular choice, as well as, simply another name that has been frequent within the family. Recently, middle names have served another vital purpose: for use if the first name doesn’t quite suit the person.¬†Were you named after someone? Do you have a few middle names or not one at all?

These names were listed as the top 10 male and female names of the 1960s. Are any of them yours? Do you know the meaning of these names? We would love to find out!

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Some names today have no deeper meaning at all, although we have found some ridiculous stories! According to the BBC, there was a teenage boy who recently changed his name to Facebookdotcom Forwardslash-Mountaindew UK so he could increase his chance of winning a competition! Oh how times have changed…

  1. Susanne  

    My middle name is Gay. When I was born in 1949, the name Gay, meant happy and carefree. Nowadays it also means to be homosexual. I like the name Gay, whether it means homosexual or just happy. To me it will always mean happy, and if you are homosexual and gay, then I’m happy for you as well. We should all be happy and carefree.

    • Gill  

      I also gave my daughter born in 1981, the middle name of Gaye.She likes it.Then there’s Gay Waterhouse.!

  2. Agnes Mary Calland  

    My middle name is Mary

  3. My middle name is Norah and I was named after my Father’s Mother,and my dear Father always called me Norah until the day he passed away, I treasure the name.

  4. Kaye Taylor  

    Irene after my mothers middle name +in 1950 top of hit parade was (Goodnight Irene )

  5. Kathleen Page  

    My middle name is Mareta which is my Mum’s mother’s name. It is also my daughter and both my granddaughters’ middle name. I love it and am hopeful it will be carried on through the generations.

    • My eldest daughters middle name is also Mareta – a combination of my Mothers name – ‘Mary’ & my Grandmothers name -‘Reta’ which is also my middle name! I’m proud of both names

  6. My middle name is Rinske I was named after both my grandmothers it was a family tradition I broke as I refused to name my daughter Olive Winifred!

  7. Julie  

    Mine is Elizeth!!! Of course supposed to be Elizabeth, but with Dad’s appalling writing and spelling …. anyway it’s been a family joke for years and I didn’t change it. Still like to remind my 92 year old Dad.

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