What is your guilty pleasure?

A guilty pleasure are those things we shouldn’t like but we like anyway. Everybody has them! They’re fun, playful and

A guilty pleasure are those things we shouldn’t like but we like anyway. Everybody has them! They’re fun, playful and addictive – a moment of pure happiness. So we’re curious: what is yours?

The funny thing about being human is that we don’t do very well when we deprive ourselves too much of something we truly love. We can build healthy habits and exercise some self-control but often we cannot resist. Pleasure is part of human nature. That instinctive desire you get from certain things like chocolate cake or buying the shoes you’ve always wanted is actually completely normal. There are a few common guilty pleasures that we all probably would admit to having trouble with managing.

  1. Snacking when you’re not really hungry. You grab a bag of sweets and go to town – we’ve all been there!
  2. Drinking alcohol. You’re out with friends and having fun so you have a drink and maybe another after that.
  3. TV binging. You watch one episode and decide to watch the full season over your weekend.
  4. Procrastinating. So much to do, so little time! But instead of getting it done, you distract yourself with anything to avoid real life responsibility.
  5. Napping or sleeping in! It’s the weekend so you decide to sleep in and end up losing almost half your day and getting out of your regular sleep patterns.

Here are a few other little guilty pleasures:

  1. Reading a trashy, page-turning work of fiction or glossy magazine
  2. Baking and eating something delicious
  3. Treating yourself to a sparkly mani and pedi
  4. Buying yourself fresh flowers

How do you treat yourself? What is your all-time favourite guilty pleasure?

  1. Shirl Blake  

    Latest gizmos and gadgets that involve new technology eg I have a perfectly good grater a new ,perhaps coloured one comes on the market It has a special catcher and ergonomically efficient handles
    I really want one so I buy it and it gives me so much pleasure and awe at what a clever little gadget it is
    But I hide it in the drawer for awhile because I know I don’t really need another gadget to put in the draw with all the other gadgets

  2. My guilty pleasure is sex and champagne. (I have a lovely husband, no offence intended)

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