What is your biggest pet peeve?

There are some things that irritate most of us. For some us our pet peeves cause an annoyance so great

There are some things that irritate most of us. For some us our pet peeves cause an annoyance so great it strikes a specific nerve, puts us in a bad mood and pushes us to the limit. Here is a list of some common ones that may or may not tickle your nerves too.

  1. Foot tappers
  2. Loud cell phone conversations in public places.
  3. Over using the work “like” in conversations.
  4. People lurking and looking over your shoulder.
  5. Incorrect use of your and you’re as though they are interchangeable.
  6. Leaving dishes in the sink.
  7. People not turning the volume off their keyboard while texting.
  8. People not cleaning up their dog’s poop.
  9. Bad parking – taking up two spaces!
  10. Open mouthed chewers.

Our community has shared with us two main things that truly irritate them. 

The first is when dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets! They wrote in saying, “I was at the beach this weekend with my own dog when I saw something. A huge dog was on the footpath, delivering a large poo right in the middle of the path. Its owner stood next to it and did nothing, just led it away once it was done. I could hardly hide my rage before saying, “Aren’t you going to clean that up?”, but he was already gone. What was even more annoying was that there were rubbish bags floating in the breeze just metres away from the crime scene!”

Another contributor shared the following: “there is something that makes my blood boil every time I think about it: paid parking in inconvenient places. While I’m happy to pay for parking in the CBD, or on the street, please don’t charge me and other people for parking at places we need to go! Last week I was taking my ill mother to the hospital. After driving around like a maniac looking for a free park (there wasn’t one), I had park in the multi-level carpark. For a short blood test and check up, I had to pay $14 for 45 minutes! I know that’s really nothing compared to some inner city carparks, but it really makes you upset when you’re trying to get your relative well again and are slugged with a cost – at a private hospital mind you. Perhaps it’s one way of revenue raising, but it doesn’t sit well with me. I was furious to receive the ticket amount and have written two letters with no response.”

So we want to know, what is your biggest pet peeve?