What does your perfect cup of tea look like?

The humble cup of tea has been a significant part of the daily routine of Australia’s for many years. From

The humble cup of tea has been a significant part of the daily routine of Australia’s for many years. From waking up in the morning and having a cuppa, to breaking for smoko over a billy tea and a biscuit; tea has always been a major part of our day. Nowadays Australia is considered more of a ‘coffee drinking nation’ though; in 2010 research predicted that we would spend $773.5 million on coffee compared to $452.6 million on tea. These numbers would be even greater now and were not even including the amount we spend on takeaway coffee! What do you think of the ‘cafe culture’ that has taken over Australia?

Between 2010 and 2012 we saw that coffee consumption at home increased by nearly 20 percent while drinking tea dropped by more than 1o percent. Some researchers are saying that this change is driven by the younger generation. Do you think this is true? Are you loyal to tea or have you made a switch to drinking more coffee?

To restore your faith in tea here are some fun facts about that fabulous drink:

  • Green tea can boost your exercise endurance! The antioxidants can increase the body’s ability to burn fat and improve muscle endurance.
  • Drinking tea can apparently reduce your risk of having a heart attack.
  • Those amazing antioxidants in tea can also help protect you against numerous cancers.
  • Green tea has been found to improve bone mineral density and strength.
  • Despite the caffeine tea is great for hydrating your body!

Tell us what your perfect cuppa looks like! How much milk do you like? Do you have any sugar? Do you have a favourite mug?




  1. Kelly Philp  

    Love my morning and afternoon cuppa. I’m a #6. I started drinking tea when I had my first child at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. I’ve been drinking ever since and that’s 37 years ago. We’ve been in the U. S. for 30 years. We miss Australia and visit every couple years.

  2. Susan Bell  

    my tea is black, this enables me to taste all the different blends. Milk and sugar destroy the taste.

  3. isabel  

    We had a cup of black tea after lunch at my parents house when I was young, and now in Australia I still drink teas but not only black I like peppermint, Camomile, and sometimes green or lemon & ginger.

  4. Lynda MEREDITH  

    black tea-2 sugar-have had black tea since I was a kid, when my dad and pop drank black tea

  5. No 5 is my favourite cup of tea, no sugar,I have drunk tea ever since i was a teenager im now 72 yrs

  6. Heather A  

    None, I like tea without milk but number one looks too strong for me.

  7. Steve Hickman  

    Number 4 for me too. First thing I do every morning, make a cuppa. Great start to the day !!

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