What do you miss about your childhood?

Childhood memories can be some of the best we have. Playing with friends, exploring our backyards and beyond, making toys

Childhood memories can be some of the best we have. Playing with friends, exploring our backyards and beyond, making toys out of whatever we could find and the simplicity and wonder of life as a child can often be sure to put a smile on our faces.

Growing up we’re always told that being a child is the best time of our life, but of course as a child we never listen, to excited to become a grown-up so we can “do whatever we want!”

The reality always sets in however when it’s time to do all the real adult things like get a job, move out and provide for ourselves. By then, the days of being a carefree kid are all but fond memories and we repeat the cycle by telling our kids about how great being a kid is!

We’d like to know, what do you miss most about your childhood? What were some of your favourite things to do?

Tell us in the comments below!

  1. Ann Waterworth  

    I grew up in England and used to go for picnics with Mum & Dad and my brother weekends as Dad had his own business. Used to go some beautiful places in the4 Sussex countryside and that is what I miss the mosty

  2. Heather  

    We were free to walk down the street , play at our mate’s house, ride bikes to school without stranger danger, been a problem, so many things, Mum’s home cooking, weekends at the beach, with Fish & Chips for tea in the sand..Meeting our Mates at the local swimming pools…There were bad things to, but you did ask only for the good…

    • DeborahDenny  

      Yes Heather…all that. Everthing seemed a lot simpler back then.

  3. Dianna Warner  

    My Dad. I miss my Dad so much, especially on holidays. He loved his family and family gatherings. When we celebrate holidays I think of him and really miss him.

  4. Loved the security we had in those days. Brother and I could cycle down to the beach, two miles from our home, and spend all day there, with no fear of someone abducting us or stealing our bikes…. Mum had to work fulltime as she was a widow, so we ended up looking after ourselves quite a lot, even though I was 9 and he was 6. Never had any issues as we lived in the English countryside.

  5. Linda Kazlauskas (nee Finch)  

    I miss the security of my parents. Sitting on their knee and cuddles and being told every think will be already. They have moved on now but that feeling of being loved has always stayed with me.

  6. Mary  

    As many of you have said…a sense of safety, security and loving parents that so many will never experience. So we have been lucky.

  7. Charlotte  

    My parents – two of the most wonderful and loving people ever.

  8. Paul  

    I miss falling asleep in the back of the car after we visited cousins and then pretending to still be asleep when we got home so that Dad would scoop me up in his loving arms, cuddle me and carry me inside.

  9. Ross  

    I miss the freedom of being able to stay outdoors playing with my friends in the street untill it was dark, no perverts to bother you, sitting on the couch in the kitchen heated by the coal range and listening to the radio on the shelf above the couch. Life with Dexter was one I remember.Just being a kid.

  10. elizabeth mckimm  

    my mum and dad the you a
    can do anything i did later married the only man i loved along with my dad they were my rocks

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