Talkback or music radio?

For a lot of people, the first items on the “To-Do” list in the morning is to flip the kettle

For a lot of people, the first items on the “To-Do” list in the morning is to flip the kettle on and turn on the radio. Maybe not even in that order.

Some like to listen to the music based radio stations so that they can start their day with a tune and a smile. While others like talk back to get up to speed on what is happening in the world. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy the radio, but there are big differences in what they supply. Radio is still very much a mainstream media in Australia with no signs of stopping anytime soon. It shapes our day, our commute, and lets us know if we are going to need a jumper that day.

How do you start your day? What do you listen to in your car? Do you prefer commercial or community radio?

  1. I like talkback but it’s really irritating. Brisbane talkback radio all comes from either Sydney or Melbourne now, same with many of our music channels. The local ABC used to have great presenters, but most of them now I don’t like. So, it’s back to music for me, most of the time.

    • Meryl  

      No, it doesn’t!
      There’s a talkback station located at Cannon Hill, in multi-business complex, opposite Rly Stn.

  2. Margaret  

    Talk radio for me. 3AW Melbourne. Radio is on all day until Tele time. I love yelling back when I don’t agree with the topic. Keeps me up to date with news.

  3. Judy Kennedy  

    Talk Back Radio is the best. I listen to 2GB every morning, afternoon and late at night. You learn what is happening around Australia and around the World. Allen Jones and Ray Hadley help a lot of people that need help and sorts out problems they have. The news is around Australia and around the World and they give traffic reports around Sydney all day long. I wouldn’t listen to any other station. We go to sleep listening to 2GB.

  4. Kevin  

    I like both.

    But some ads, like one from a major tile company (“Hallooo”) and another from a blind company ruin the experience.

    They would save a fortune and get more older customers, with significant disposable income if they were not so annoying.

    So rather than turning the radio off each time these ads come on, I have a big collection of CDs and will play ad-free music any time.

    Do you find some ads very annoying?

  5. Meryl  

    It would be absolute decades’ since I listened to the Radio. Like the tv, way too many annoying adverts.!

    I’ve a collection of CD’s, & LP Records of various likeable genre to me, so I audio-tape these to play in my car, on train, waiting at appointments, etc etc etc.

    No ads., listening to MY faves in music, no talking…….win, win, win IMHO!

  6. Jean Knight  

    I love talkback, it’s informative, interesting. I live on my own and the radio is on all day and
    night in my bedroom for company, it’s also on in the lounge and bathroom in case I miss
    something. I watch TV early afternoon.

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