What did you call your grandparents?

There are common names for grandparents but also a fair bit of diversity and in some cases, dilemma surrounding the naming

There are common names for grandparents but also a fair bit of diversity and in some cases, dilemma surrounding the naming of grandparents. Some families choose to honour culture or heritage and stick to more traditional names like the reining champs, Grandma and Grandpa.

While others choose more alternative names. For instance, names spoken by the baby, which were an attempt to say something else but the muddled word sounded cute so they kept it anyway. In fact, it is apparently trendy to have a unique name as a grandparent. Grandparents nowadays like to identify with a special name because traditional names sounded ‘too old’ and they didn’t want to sound like a stereotypical grandparent.

No matter the reason behind it or what you called your grandparents, there is no doubt that being a grandparent is a very special honour. So what did you call your grandparents? What do you grandkids call you?

Common names for grandmothers include:

  • Granny
  • Gran
  • Nanna
  • Oma
  • Nonna
  • Nanny
  • Grandma

Common names for grandfathers include:

  • Grandpa
  • Pa
  • Poppy
  • Grandad
  • Opa
  • Nonno
  • Pop

What did you call your grandparents? Do your grandkids have a special name for you now?

Image source: National Archives of Australia

  1. Wayne Watkins  

    My Grand sons call me G Pa , which I guess is the modern way . On my father’s side I had Nanna & Poppy & on my Mum’s side Granma & Wally

  2. It had changed with other generations, so with me it was gramma & granpa, my kid gramma, granpa, grandad & GG, me, I am called grammy, yammy or miss yam from my grandkids, they call my mom Gubby & my grandparent omama & opapa

  3. Ralph  

    Growing up in the Netherlands I called them Oma and Opa . Now all my grandkids call me and my Australian wife Oma and Opa

  4. Josee King  

    I called my grandma Metje comes from the flanders in Belgium, my grandchilderen call me Oma and my Australian husband Grandad

  5. Ann  

    I called my grandparents Nanna and Pop and Nanna Banna and Matey. I know this grandfather was called Matey as he always called my brother his little mate and my brother started calling him Matey.
    My grandchildren call me Nanny Annie and my ex Tedpa as that is how one of them pronounced Grandpa when they began trying to talk.

  6. Never had the privilege. I lost both sides of my grandparents during World War II.

  7. JAY  

    I only knew one set of grandparents and called them Mum-mum and DADDA
    My kids called their grandparents Nanna and Papa Again only one set
    My grand kids mainly call us Nanna and Pa or one family call us Nanna Mac and Pa Jack

  8. I only had one set of grand parents Dads parents were gone when I arrived but called mums MEM and Tom

  9. Sue Salmon  

    I called my grandparents on both sides Gran and Grandad. My children called theirs Grandma and Grandad and Gma and Grandad. We are called Grandma and Grandad and they call their great grandmother GGMa

  10. Linda Munro  

    I had a Gran and Papa on my Dad’s side and a Nana on my Mum’s side, my mothers father died when she was 14. My 4 children had a Gran and Papa on my side and a Grandma and Grumpy on their Dad’s side. We are Nanny and Poppy to our 4 grandchildren.

  11. Hilry  

    My adult children called one grandfather, Gaffer and grandmother ,Granny Lulu. Great grandmother was called Little Granny and she was tiny. My parents were Pa and Special Granny. Kinda cute.

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