What did you buy with a penny on the way home from school? 

As a child, pocket money from your parents was designed to instil a respect for hard work and an appreciation

As a child, pocket money from your parents was designed to instil a respect for hard work and an appreciation for the effort involved in earning your way in the world.

After a week’s chores a trip to the corner-store with friends was a popular and rewarding way to enjoy your spoils.

Some of the popular penny lollies at the corner-store were Cobbers, Freckles, Rasberry Jubes, Clinkers and Gobstoppers. If you you preferred to save for a rainy day and splurge, a ‘thruppence’ bought you a small ice-cream and a sixpence could buy you a ticket to the cinemas on a Saturday.

What did you buy with your hard-earned penny on the way home from school?


  1. Gil France  

    I sometimes use to go to the produce store and ask for a pennies worth of broken biscuits. Or the shop over the road from us use to give me a pennies worth of mixed lollies usually about 8.

  2. nev  

    same as Gil France. A pennies worth of mixed lollies.

  3. John Brants  

    1) A Metro bubble gum that lasted for hours -drove Nuns crazy. 2) A straw imbued with chocolate flavour. It was good for flavouring 3 one third pint bottles of the free school milk.(still love milk to this day).

  4. Lillian Wallace  

    On Saturday after the pictures my sister and I used to buy 2 potato scallops soaked in vinegar Yum

  5. Heather A  

    A little sugar-coated, red toffee umbrella.

  6. Stephanie Cocks  

    A penny! Not QUITE that old. Might have been 3d worth of mixed lollies, or maybe 6d.

  7. Pammy Frangipani  

    OhhhhI loved those cho cho bars as well….I felt when I chewed and then stretched it I was getting double my moneys worth…how funny that is now at age 71 thinking about value for money at that tender young age..love it ♡♡♡

  8. Ann  

    I remember buying 8 bullets for a penny.

  9. Paula Woodyatt  

    I loved cobbers, Choo Choo bars as they lasted forever. If I found an empty soft drink bottle I would go and buy 3d worth of mixed lollies. I’m no sure if anyone picked it up but I wasn’t allowed to eat lollies! lol

  10. Pauline De'Ath  

    Three lolls fish or liquorice based round sweet called Pontefract cakes.

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