What are your parents’ names?

It can be so fascinating to look back at your parent’s names and other family members to see where their

It can be so fascinating to look back at your parent’s names and other family members to see where their names originated from. Ancestry.com has recently revealed the top names of the last 500 years.

The research involved studying more than 34 million UK and Irish christening and birth records from 1530 to 2005. It’s interesting to see which names have remained popular over the past 500 years and others that have dropped off the map.

Take a look at the top 25 male and female names below. Is your name or anyone from your family’s on the list?

The figures show that after ‘John’ – of which there have been more than 5.8 million born since 1530 – ‘William’, ‘Thomas’, ‘George’ and ‘James’ are the next most popular first names for boys.

For women, following ‘Mary’ – of whom more than 4.5 million have been born since 1530 – are ‘Elizabeth’, ‘Sarah’, ‘Margaret’ and ‘Ann’, with ‘Jane’, ‘Alice’, ‘Ellen’, ‘Annie’ and ‘Florence’ comprising the rest of the top 10.

1. John
2. William
3. Thomas
4. George
5. James
6. Robert
7. Charles
8. Henry
9. Joseph
10. David
11. Richard
12. Federick
13. Arthur
14. Edward
15. Albert
16. Alfred
17. Michael
18. Peter
19. Walter
20. Ernest
21. Samuel
22. Harry
23. Stephen
24. Frank
25. Paul

1. Mary
2. Elizabeth
3. Sarah
4. Margaret
5. Ann
6. Jane
7. Alice
8. Ellen
9. Annie
10. Florence
11. Emma
12. Edith
13. Emily
14. Eliza
15. Hannah
16. Susan
17. Martha
18. Dorothy
19. Catherine
20. Ethel
21. Ada
22. Anne
23. Frances
24. Elsie
25. Harriet

Are your parent’s names on the list? 

    • Maggie  

      My parents aren’t but both of my names are, my age is catching up with me.

  1. Lyn Ford  

    No not my Mum Dad or Aunties and Uncles

  2. Aileen  

    Only Thomas, my grandfather ‘s name. No others from the families on either side. So that’s 1 out of 13.

  3. Both my father’s 1st and middle name but neither of my mother’s names. Her fist name is Nancy

  4. Linda  

    My father William and my Mother-in-Law Ellen

  5. Peter Copeman  

    I’ve got three, 18, 5, 15. I was Peter, James and Albert were my grandfathers’.

  6. Rob Ozanne  

    Dad Herbert George mum Eunice Gladys

  7. Dianne Graham  

    My parents first names are not there. Dad was Percy and mum was Ida.

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