Name one food you avoid eating

Every week there seems to be a new diet emerging telling us which foods to eat and which to avoid

Every week there seems to be a new diet emerging telling us which foods to eat and which to avoid to lose weight, aide our insides and look and feel 20 years younger!

Whilst many of us stay true to tried and tested meals for our daily needs, new recipes, food trends and diets featuring terms like ‘paleo’, ‘vegan’ and aversions to all things dairy or gluten, people are beginning to adopt more complex eating habits for their health and weight-loss needs that go far beyond simply avoiding high sugar, sodium and fat filled foods.

With so many options out there, it’s hard to keep track of what to eat and what to avoid, so we’d love to hear your thoughts!

What’s one food you avoid eating and why? Share with us in the comments!

  1. I cannot tolerate corn. If I eat corn, it acts like a laxative, and can sometimes be a bit embarrassing.
    I carefully pick each piece of corn from my plate as I eat my meal.

  2. Cannot eat fast food, i.e., Maccas, KFC, etc…just the smell makes me nauseous..

    • Carol  

      Yeah, Jim, agree.
      Many years’ ago, on two separate occasions, I got a migraine headache. I don’t normally get them.
      I worked out that the ‘common denominators’ were: KFC (so deep fried), weather was cold, I was rugged up for it, then I got hot.

      Didn’t take long, effect hit me within a couple of hours’ each time. Strangely enough, once was here, & once was in Sydney.

      Those episodes would’ve been over 30 years’ ago, & I’ve NEVER eaten KFC since!
      I pity anyone who gets those migraines’ constantly. I was just SO sick!

  3. Rosemary  

    I avoid meat, especially lamb, milk and cheese and eggs. They are not ethical!

    • Colours  

      I’m with Rosemary. I avoid all products that result from animals suffering, totally needlessly. The improvement in my health and my vastly reduced carbon footprint from going vegan are nice too, but I do it for ethical reasons.

  4. Claudia  

    Capsicum they give me heart burn…I love them they don’t love me

  5. margot  

    Marzipan ugh ugh .. and tomato juice, it makes me gag

  6. Elizabeth Rowe  

    I have been gluten free for 3 wks now and although it was a challenge to find alternatives I am feeling so much better for it. I seek out a food plan especially for lunch as I am at work and dont always get a break so its getting easier to prepare snacks and have these in the car ready to have when I get a spare moment. I do try to start the day with a protein breakfast as it sees me thru for a few hours without having the hungrys. I find wheat does make me bloat and gives me pains in the stomach and because I have Hashimotos disease I am better off without wheat. Dairy is another one to avoid but am managing with lactose free at present and substitute with almond milk.

  7. Neville Pollock  

    Cucumber. I can’t stand the taste and I am forever having to remove from salad sandwiches and rolls

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