If you could have a surprise visit from anyone, who would it be?

We all have someone we’d love to pop in our door way for a visit. Friends, family, idols and people

We all have someone we’d love to pop in our door way for a visit. Friends, family, idols and people we haven’t seen for while.

It’s not always possible to spend time with the people we want to most, and it’s not everyday that you’d have a chance to meet a public figure you admire. Perhaps the public figure is from a distant time in history, in which case in unfortunately impossible.

But, what if you had the chance to meet anyone, from the past or present (or maybe future)?

Today we’d love for you to share, ‘who would you choose to have a surprise visit from if you could pick from absolutely anyone?’

Tell us in the comments below!

  1. Brian Lee  

    I’d enjoy a good chin-wag with Billy Connolly – now there’s a man who could keep a really interesting, (and funny!), conversation going for a whole afternoon and more, I would guess!

  2. lorraine johnstone  

    I would love a visit from my daughter & new grandson. She is a single mum & lives clear across the country. I was able to go for the first 4 weeks but neither of us can afford air fares. He will probably be almost a year old before I can manage another visit 😢

  3. Joy Ware  

    Julia Gillard. I met her a few times but never engaged in conversation. I found her to be a warm and interesting person with a good sense of humour. I would love the opportunity to talk and listen.

    • I’d like to sit in on that. The most effective PM in my lifetime, After Gough I mean.
      These turkeys can’t govern despite their propaganda backers/owners.

      • Joy Ware  

        Yes Patrick she was the most productive PM ever. How much better Australia would be today if Julia had served another term at least,
        I will never forgive Kevin Rudd for his spite!

  4. Ann Waterworth  

    I would like a visit from the tenor Jonas Kaufmann. He is so romantic when singing and opera lovers love it when he is singing. I live in New Zealand and the time when I visited Melbourne the night I arrived he was doing his only one performancel

  5. Susan Jenkins  

    I would like a visit from John Howard! He would get the country back in order.

  6. No contest for me…the greatest and fairest sportsman in the world ever…Richie McCaw…

  7. Sandra Williams  

    60 years ago, when I was just four years old, my family went on a holiday and came home without my Dad. He drowned in a tragic accident. If I had the chance, I would love to have a visit from my Dad – just to sit and chat for awhile. Being so young, I do not remember anything about my Dad but I would love to meet him and chat to find out about him.

  8. ASTRA  

    The blokes who won the 40 mill. in powerball a few weeks ago!

  9. Irene  

    That would be my sister passed 5 years ago, I can imagine our great catchup and hugs, big ones like never before, even kisses..and so much more..god love her, big time..
    I would love to see her “walk like an Egyptian” as was known to love to play.

  10. Dona  

    Mr. Charlton Heston.

    A man with very high moral values, a good Christian, & had just celebrated, three weeks before he died, his 64th Wedding Anniversary, to lifelong love, his beautiful wife, Lydia.

    May he RIP……………

  11. Well without doubt I would love to show Fidel Castro the havoc uncontrolled real estate speculators/developers can wreak on a Beaut old suburb. Lunch at Sir Joe Banks, Walk through the park to see another manmade disaster. The main shipping container Port on East coast in the centre of Sydney. Dare I advise him on protecting Havana? And of course a trip to Manly on our 2.50 tickets.

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