Have you lived overseas?

There’s no doubt that Australian’s love to travel. For many of us we began our travel adventures at a young

There’s no doubt that Australian’s love to travel. For many of us we began our travel adventures at a young age locally¬†and then eventually decided to travel overseas and sometimes this resulted in a long-term move. Did you live overseas for awhile? Where did you live?

As few of our community members have shared their stories with us. Regardless of where you have lived, these comments really show, there is no place like home!

Margaret shared, “have lived in Canada, 2 years in the late 60s and for the whole of 2000. Love Canada dearly but love living in Australia too”.

Similarly,¬†Glenys said, “I was brought up in New Zealand and whilst my Mum is still there, I have lived very happily for 18 years in Queensland (1 or 2 hiccups) and I am a proud AUSTRALIAN citizen. I am very happy to live my life out here, but enjoy a week in Dunedin visiting my Mum each year.”

Another beautiful account from Marg who explained, “well I was born in Australia in 1950 and grew up on the wonderful South Coast of NSW and went to NZ with my twin sister and a friend in 1970. We came home for our 21st and later my sister got married and I went to England in 1973 with two friends from NZ. After a year I went to the USA after applying for a job as a Nanny in England. I ended up in Georgia, USA. Got married later on, got divorced, with my first beautiful daughter and came back home to Australia.”

We love hearing your stories about where you have lived. Please tell us yours in the comments below!



  1. grew up in uk came here as a 21 yrs old with my family it was not love at first site but i have lived here almost 50 yrs have a aussie hubby 4 aussie kids 13 aussie grandkids 2 aussie great grankids .and could not be prouder ‘still consider my self a pom but i am happy here its my home know

  2. Trevor Lewis  

    A few years before I retired full-time work i married a wonderful Filipino lady and now live between Australia and the Philippines. A few years ago we rented a traditional Filipino cottage on the beautiful island of Panglao , Bohol. It was just wonderful, with our cottage over looking the beach with clear sea and surrounded by palm trees. Very relaxing and extremely inexpensive to live there. I bought a small passenger van and we were able to travel around the island with ease. No traffic jams in Bohol! Philippines is a great place to retire and I wound recomend the beautiful island of Panglao as a perfect spot!

  3. Tricia Roberts-Hay  

    I 1st ‘cut-my-teeth’ traveling to NZ.. Got the ‘BUG’ & after divorcing, then current, husband went to UK
    I lived/worked there for 2 years while becoming an Internationally qualified ‘Coach of Equitation ‘ (Horses etc)
    Australia was sadly lacking in such coaches.. I worked in Scotland and came home via East coast USA & Panama!!
    I was pleased to be able to bring advanced skills to the Aussie riders. Even after a bad MVA (here in Aust) i am still coaching & judging..
    Met and married my handsome Australian Soldier and never looked back!!!
    Love the Australian Horses & People!!!

  4. Tristram Denyer  

    Born Singapore, raised in UK, Yemen leaving at age 20, settling in NZ at 25, moved to Australia at 30, left aged 60 for West Africe, now back to UK and Aussi,
    It’s fun being an expat

  5. I was a first generation kiwi with English parents. We Came for 4 months working holiday with 3 kids in 1980 and stayed. Became Aussies. Over the last 10 years my now husband and I have travelled and lived twice for 2 years in the Uk. We also worked around Australia for 1 year. We would work until we had enough money saved and then holiday. It was a great experience but the pull of home , friends, and family was strong so we are home again in Australia.

  6. Linda Munro  

    Born in Scotland left there aged 12, 50 years ago to live here in Australia.. Lived in Koln, Germany for 4 years with my husbands employment from 1980 until 1984. Then 2 years in Seoul, South Korea again with husbands employment from January 1985 until December 1986. Home is here in Australia consider myself more Aussie than Scottish but proud of my heritage

  7. I was born Wagga Wagga…….travelled to Brussels, Belgium in 1968 and lived with a Belgian family and worked there for three years before returning home. Loved every minute of my time there and return to visit when I can

  8. Rossco  

    Retired 2 years ago. My girlfriend / partner for 16 years and I now spend 2-3 months each year living in Japan. Best of both worlds , beautiful seasons and people in Japan and the Sydney beaches.

  9. Ellen Barns  

    Born in Australia, lived for 6 years in Bahrain in ’90s, then lesser time in Mauritius and New Zealand

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