Do you think there is life after death?

The question as to whether there is life after death, is often a controversial subject that leaves us divided. On

The question as to whether there is life after death, is often a controversial subject that leaves us divided. On one side of the fence we have those who have experienced some super natural events and have firm beliefs. On the other side is those who generally haven’t experienced anything and believe that you get one life and one only. Do you think there is life after death?

Some theories include a spirit world, heaven and reincarnation.┬áThese beliefs are often driven by personal experiences we have. Something as simple as talking to a deceased loved one in a dream or linking a series of events are enough to get our naturally curious brains wondering. We often hear claims of children talking to thin air or holding an invisible person’s hand. But what happens in between? If we do have experiences as children, do we forget them?

Others are inspired by their different faiths and believe that our soul will never die, regardless of the future form it takes. So we want to know if you believe in anything, and if so what do you think the answer to this question is.

  1. Julieta Mendoza  

    Yes I believe there is life after death , if you will read the Bible , you will find out it’s true , only our earthly body will die but our spirit will go wether in heaven or in hell , but the judgment will be on the second coming of The Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST, but no one knows when The Lord JESUS will come, according to the book of Matthew in New Testament , there are only signs of His coming but there is no specific date…

    • Virginia  

      If you read eccliastes 9.5 it says “the living they know they will die but as for the dead they know nothing…. So they are aslepp in death just as Lazarus was before he was resurrected so we sleep in death waiting for a ressurection on earth….as it says in the lords prayer…thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven….

    • Archie H  

      And what other fairy tales have read and believe without questioning? There is only one life and one chance to be your best and achieve the most…..goodness is in us all and we don’t need an aged fairy tale to tell us how to live and treat your fellow humans properly! The power is within you to make good from your own consciousness!

  2. Shirley  

    As a Christian, I have a personal relationship with Jesus and know that when I die my body will go in the ground but the spirit in me will be with my Lord and Saviour for all eternity.

  3. elizabeth Hartshorn  

    The bible is only somebody’s opinion same as our opinion here. It was written a couple of hundred years after jesus was supposedly here.

    • Jenny  

      Actually the Old Testament was written centuries before that .
      The bible isn’t one persons opinion but many different people from different tribes and in different languages .

    • Clare Mills  

      Elizabeth. ..true historians would take exception to that Statement. …it is a set fact that there is a fragment of Mark’s Gospel in Manchester which dates from around 40 CE (AD)…I’ve seen it!

  4. I am nopt a religious person and I don’t think about life after death. I hope there is no such thing as reincarnation, as I do not want to come back.

  5. Helen Murcutt  

    In 1979 I had lost everything. I had been diagnosed with a mental illness and my husband was told I wouldn’t recover. I lost custody of my children after he divorced me and I ended up in a boarding house. One night, after I was nearly killed by a stranger, I lay on my bed and prayed. I then stopped praying because I don’t believe in God and instead, called out to my brother who had died years before. I didn’t expect an answer, it was just a cry from the heart. Away in the distance behind my closed eyes my brother’s face slowly came into view until he was there right before my eyes. I cried out in amazement and asked him why he hadn’t come to me before when I was going through hell. He told he that I hadn’t asked before. “I’ve come to tell you just one thing. You do not have a mental illness. You are just frightened, that’s all. You are doing it to yourself and you’ve got to stop it Find out how.” A couple of years later I found out I suffered from an acute problem with my nerves and I set about researching it. I regained my stability, my self respect and started a new life with the love of my children beside me. Was it my brother? I have no further evidence but believe me, I have a very open mind.

    • Shelli Mansfeld  

      Hi Helen – I do not know what I believe, but I do think that our loved ones are there if we need them, and can help us in many mysterious ways. I am so happy that your brother came and helped you – what a wonderful way to begin life anew.

  6. What is never goes away. energy changes form but does not dissipate. One question worthy of thought….where were you before you were born?

    • Lynne Highfield  

      I would love to believe in religion as it is definitely a comfort. But I simply am unable to as the Old Testament in particular reads like something out of Grimms Fairytales. I don’t doubt that Jesus lived but as for going to heaven after death that too sounds just like a fairytale. I do believe however, that as energy cannot be ‘disposed of’, the death experience is one of transformation.

  7. Sally Ronaldson  

    I agree with Julieta and Shirley!

  8. I believe your soul still exist . My hubby came to visit me.i seen him. He came to help me . I believe he is looking after me .

  9. Robert  

    Look its different for everyone i was highly septic always but the day my mother day died my father appeared to me on the way to the toilet clear as day i told my wife I’d just seen my father in the hallway 5min later the hospital rang to say my mother was close to death we raced off to the hospital just to see her pass on thanks dad for the tip

  10. Jan Barker  

    I saw a psychic some years ago and she gave me messages from my Mum who had passed away. She told me stuff that no one else could have known and also told me certain things that would happen in my future, which have all eventuated. I too am the biggest sceptic, but I am now a firm believer., even though not religious.

  11. Brian Lee  

    No! But I do believe in the power of good and evil while we ARE alive, so I try to live as good a life as I can, but without any thought of life after death. Who wants to live for all eternity anyway?

    • Terry  

      To live for eternity in a grand palace as heaven, with no pain, no sickness, and young and thriving again with all your family that have been awaiting your arrival…how could you not want to live for eternity like that?!?!

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