Do you still read the newspaper?

It’s no secret that newspapers are a dying breed. Digital technology and the rise of social networking sites such as

It’s no secret that newspapers are a dying breed. Digital technology and the rise of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have changed the way the world views, shares and engages with information. It’s become much more common practice to go online to news sources to find information rather than waiting for a printed copy.

However, even with so much content online, many people still read newspaper. For many of us reading the newspaper has been engrained as part of our daily routine. It is a way to stay up-to-date on world affairs and we enjoy reading a hard copy in the morning over a cuppa.  Do you still read the newspaper? If yes, which publication do you enjoy most?

Here are two main reasons why the newspaper is considered a dying source of news. First, it’s impractical and inconvenient. It creates paper waste and is impractical to dig through a pile of newspapers to find a news story from the previous year. In contrast, the internet archives information and virtually nothing is out of reach.  Second, the cost. News is very much available for free on the internet so why buy the same information that is readily accessible online.

Do you think there is still a place for newspapers in society? Or do you think they’ll be out of publication soon?

  1. I would still read the newspaper if it was still delivered , but haven’t had delivery since last month from the telegraph , with no explanation have rung them a few times also the agent , but still no delivery here in Cranebroo nsw, really miss it

  2. Diana Hamilton  

    Especially now that I am retired I relish time spent reading and that includes a local and international newspaper, sometimes at home, sometimes in a cafe enjoying a coffee. Reading news online is fine when travelling but otherwise I enjoy a hard copy and often cut out articles to keep for future information especially travel and health. Sadly though I think future generations will obtain their news online and it will be ” adios” to the conventional newspaper.

    • Lynda  

      I hope not i love reading newspapers and books so hope they never disappear

  3. Ken Bottrell  

    I only get the Melbourne Sunday Age these days, the other mob have such crap I couldn’t be bothered, if the Age ever shuts shop that will be the end of newspapers for me.

  4. Kathy Ferguson  

    Have read Courier Mail almost every day since 1988. I do all the puzzles and swear at the biased reporting at times but I love reading the letters page. Thank god they have toned down the front page. I couldn’t believe they could be so rude.

  5. Sheila mitchell  

    I only read the Weekend West as I haven’t time and most of news get from tv and computer

  6. Vivienne Helps  

    We read the Australian every day. Love Insight on Saturday and red it cover to cover

  7. Margaret Waters  

    We read the West Australian and the Sunday Times in Western Australian

  8. Hilry  

    Yes I do, but only on a Sunday when the Mercury has a crossword in it and this is my main want. I pay to have this delivered. Nevertheless they do have a lot of interesting Tasmanian stories and other information which is worthwhile reading.

  9. Pauline Hardy  

    Yes, always read my delivered West Australian every morning with a cup of tea. Read it from cover to cover and then do the Crosswords and Sudoku.

  10. Grace  

    The Saturday Paper, occasionally. Great journalism. Otherwise no.

  11. Regina Christey  

    The Press, Canterbury NZ. Nothing like walking out to the gate and starting the day with a quick read of the paper. Love it.

  12. Lorraine Stacey  

    Will only read SMH, Telegraph only OK for sport

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