Do you prefer red or white wine?

Every wine drinker has their preferences of red wines or white wines. (It’s never a question of whether you drink wine!)

Every wine drinker has their preferences of red wines or white wines. (It’s never a question of whether you drink wine!) Are you a red or white wine drinker?

According to recent research by French Wines with Style the social habits of red wine drinkers is very different than those who preferred white. The red wine drinkers appear to be more relaxed, are more likely to have a degree and be married compared to their white wine counterparts. Plus, they describes themselves as more confident and intelligent, while white wine drinkers described themselves as practical and quiet. In contrast, white wine drinkers were found to be more content with their current job with little interest in climbing the corporate ladder. Can you relate to these red and white wine personality characteristics?

Also, just incase you’re in a situation where you need to chill a bottle of wine quick here is a useful tip!

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to chill a bottle of wine ASAP? This useful tip could make an amazing difference!

  1. Simply take a tea towel and run it under some cold water.
  2. Wrap the wet tea towel around your bottle of wine and place it in the freezer.
    The dampness of the tea towel allows for better conduction and increases the surface area being chilled – which in turn, leads to a quicker chilling time.
  3. Check on it in about 15 mins – 20 mins. Your wine should be chilled and ready to unwrap and serve. To remove the tea towel, just run the bottle under a stream of cold water and then ease the tea towel off.
  1. Tammie  

    Love a good gutsy, Aussie Red! And there’s plenty of them around, thank goodness!

    Enjoy Brown Bros Crouchen Reisling, as my fave White!

  2. Brian Lee  

    There’s only one colour for wine – and that’s not white! All wine is good here in Australia though, much better than the stuff you get from France, (except the Grand Crus varieties of course), and pother parts of Europe. Here even if you buy a very cheap wine, to go with a pizza, (perhaps a bottle from Aldi, at $2.40 a time), it is still a very acceptable tipple, but elsewhere, if you paid that little it would be very much like drinking petrol. So well done Australian vintners – you’ve got it right! (Concentrate on the reds though!).

  3. Dint drink any alcohol ,because I don’t like the taste ( have over the years had a taste ) and don’t feel I need it to enjoy life ,I just don’t understand why it’s so popular. When it affects your brain cells so much. Amazed how much advertising there is ,when it causes people to drink and drive ,domestic violence ,etc

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