Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Coffee and tea both have their avid supporters around the world. In fact, they are considered indispensable parts of many

Coffee and tea both have their avid supporters around the world. In fact, they are considered indispensable parts of many peoples daily routine. The caffeine kick is the primary reason we choose either beverage – it’s the oil to our engine. Which do you crave in the morning – a cup of java or a spot of tea?

There have been many contradictory studies about whether coffee and tea are good for you. Typically tea is labelled as a healthier drink but there has been mounting evidence to suggest that both are in fact good for you.

For instance, some studies have suggested that coffee might have the ability to reduce the incidence of dementia or Alzheimers. As well, coffee helps to constrict blood vessels in the brain and reduce migraines and alleviate hangovers. On the other hand, tea is filled with antioxidants. It is often considered a therapeutic or medicinal drink that has both soothing and rejuvenating qualities.

However, as with anything that contains caffeine, too much of it could results in some issues like insomnia, health palpitations and nausea. Whether you prefer to drink tea or coffee, you are always better off leaving the heavy cream and sugar out of your drinks.

So tell us, which beverage do you prefer? Are you addicted?

  1. Margaret Mason  

    I can’t stand the smell of coffee – let alone the taste, so definitely a tea drinker. And I will admit to being addicted – complete with caffeine-withdrawal headaches after about 12 hours.

  2. Kris  

    I spent years in my early 20s drinking Capuccinos at least 3 times a day and today I can only drink tea and can’t stand the smell of coffee at all.

  3. I love the smell of coffee. When I was very young back in the late 1940’s my earliest memories of the smell of coffee before it became blatantly popular here (NZ) in the late 1950’s 60’s, we walked past a shop that had coffee beans that were purchased and ground. I could smell the coffee and I have remembered that great smell and still love it nearly 70 years later.

  4. Mike  

    definitely Coffee …. I only drink coffee, tea makes me feel ill

  5. Susan Bell  

    Tea, never tea bags, first thing in the morning then late afternoon and late at night. White tea, black tea, green tea. Coffeeing at lunchtime with friends but it has to be GOOD COFFEE. Therefore we go to one of the best places in my suburb, we know where the beans come from, how they are roasted and blended and we have great baristas. If the coffee is not up to standard we are encouraged to return it to the barista and get a fresh one. When in a town away from home and looking for a coffee it is russian roulette. Had such a bad coffee in Cairns, the milk was burnt and so were the beans and the proportions of milk/coffee were wrong. Being Cairns they accused me of being a southerner when I complained. I will never drink pretend coffee like nescafe so I take my own coffee and a small plunger to work with me and when in full time work I took my own tea pot and tea. Life is too short to drink rubbish.

  6. I drink both, in moderation. I have tea in the morning – can’t stand coffee first thing – then a coffee about 11. Probably won’t have anything through the afternoon unless a friend calls, or I go visiting. I very rarely buy either.

  7. Antonio Sammut  

    As a school child my breakfast a big bowl of brewed coffe’ and milk with yesterday’s bread. I was addicted. Coffe’ has been part of my life for a long time. Now my doctor said tea or else. I miss it. Tea is good brewed.

  8. Im another one who cannot drink coffee. Used to years ago. But since I was pregnant with my youngest 19 years ago. Cant stand the smell or the thought of it. But love chai Latte. And favoured coffees not not normal coffee ot cappuccino yuck.

  9. Marion Hunt  

    Tea in the morning and at night. Coffee only through the day.

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