Do you like to garden or cook?

Have you noticed that your stress levels are much lower after gardening? That’s because gardening gets you out in the

Have you noticed that your stress levels are much lower after gardening?

That’s because gardening gets you out in the fresh air and sunshine and it also gets your blood moving. Just how good is gardening?

According to CNN, a study in the Netherlands suggests that gardening can fight stress even better than other relaxing leisure activities.
After completing a stressful task, two groups of people were instructed to either read indoors or garden for 30 minutes. The results? The group that gardened reported being in a better mood than the reading group, and they also had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

How about cooking?

Apparently, any activity which takes your whole attention – especially if it’s simple and repetitive – can have a calming, meditative quality; including cooking. The process of weighing out butter and sugar, whisking eggs, beating and folding creates space in the mind, and eases negative thinking processes. According to Goodnet, the feel of the flour, the sound of the blender, and of course the smell of the delectable final product stimulate the senses, which in turn increases feel-good endorphins.

If there is one thing that both these activities have in common is that they help you create something new.

If you just had to choose one, which would you rather do – garden or cook?

  1. Used to enjoy gardening when we lived in houses; however, we now live in a flat, so no garden. Cooking/baking, though, has always been my favorite pastime, even more so since retiring ~ I can experiment to my heart’s content, and having a husband who loves nearly everything I make just adds to the enjoyment. Any excuse to cook or bake makes my day. Still have people who’ll tell me I don’t need to cook for them as it’s too much work, but I always tell them it ISN’T a chore!!

  2. Nina  

    Definitely, cooking!

    But I used to love hosing the garden, with my beautiful WP Corgi, at my side!

  3. In the garden, not many want to venture into potting mix, flower pots and punnets of seedlings and mounds of weeds, to have a chat. For me that solitude is golden and relaxing, plenty of time to reflect. With cooking and baking all are drawn to the aromas wafting from the oven/kitchen and need to know what the ingredients are and what the method is. So not quite as relaxing as being in the company of my roses, pansies, delphiniums, foxgloves and bulbs.

  4. Karen Reeves  

    Cooking! I can quite happily spend hours in the kitchen, baking up a storm, or creating something from scratch. I do love gardens, but not working in them! I’d much rather cook whats produced from them any day!

  5. Frances stone  

    Both activities but gardening hs the edge !

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