Do you like tattoos?

Along with body piercing, tattoos have become more popular than ever with today’s younger generation. Adventurous with their appearances and

Along with body piercing, tattoos have become more popular than ever with today’s younger generation.

Adventurous with their appearances and operating in a workforce largely more accepting of levels of ‘body-art’, tattoos have evolved immensely from small images and phrases of meaning in places that are easy to hide, to encompass more extreme levels which can cover entire limbs.

Of course, this new generation of tatted up youth weren’t the trendsetters, with many baby boomers sporting ink of their own, left over from their carefree and spirited youth.

We’re curious to know, do our readers like tattoos? Do any of you have tattoos of your own? What do you think of the tattoos being seen on younger people today?

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    I got my first tattoo at 63 years old.I now have 7 tattoos.All have a special meaning to me.No skulls or monsters.I have 2 Anzac tattoos,a Kiwi,Saint George slaying the dragon(my birthday is 23rd April which is Saint George’s day),a Taurus Bull and a Marlin.Also a Twin Flame Heart for a special lady.

  2. Susana koch  

    I love tatoos, but I don’t have it.

  3. Julie Whalen  

    I am 67 and got my first tattoo 2 yrs ago.

  4. Eleanor Norman  

    Fully love them to cover scars etc.

  5. Mick  

    I have 2 Tatts 1 I got in 1970, the other is a memorial tattoo to celebrate my mother and daughters life! I consider tattoos an art form.

  6. Ian gration  

    No Tatts on my body but my grandkids have them and those I have seen are works of art ,my son has one as a mark of respect to my brother who passed I have thought about getting one but never plucked up the courage or been able to drive to the tot too shop when I’m pissed enough to have it done

  7. Jen  

    I have 3 and plan to get anothe😋

  8. OK if small, discreet and relevant. My son has a small fox on his wrist to support me.

  9. Brian Lee  

    Jacqui is seventy-seven and I am eighty-one. We both got tattoo’d in the last five years and have no regrets. All ours are small and neat in design and are relative to something in our past lives, for instance, one of mine is of the badge I earned for becoming a fully qualified glider pilot many years ago and the other is my birth sign, (the ram).

  10. Joan Marshall  

    Tattoos are ugly and you are stuck with them for life. Talking of looks.If more people concentrated on improving their weight which is going to guard against serious health complaints in old age it would be sensible. Where is the point in trying to beautify the body when the body is obese? I am appalled at the amount of fat people I see when I am shopping and they are so young. The tattoos are not going to do anything for their health. Too many followers in this world. Constructive criticism. I am entitled to my opinion but I am trying to wake people up for their own good. Let some one talk sense.

    • Patricia  

      so only fat people have tattoos?

  11. BB  

    Tattoos, wisely chosen can be beautiful.
    Choice of ‘picture’ and also ‘colour’
    Love them.

  12. Neville Allen  

    I like to think of my body as if it were a Ferrari and you do not put bumper stickers on a Ferrari.

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