Do you like being approached by retail staff, or left alone?

Walking into a store can be a mixed bag experience, depending on where you go. In some stores, you’ll walk

Walking into a store can be a mixed bag experience, depending on where you go. In some stores, you’ll walk in and browse without hearing or seeing a member of the retail staff. In others, you’ve barely put a foot in the door when you hear ‘Hi, how are you today?’ from the store shelf on your left, only to realise there’s actually a person there.

In most stores, retail staff are their to help, but they are also there to sell and depending on the business you might get more of the selling than you do the helping. For the most part, people seem happy to simply browse and then ask for help if required. But it’s not uncommon nor unjustified however to walk into a store expecting some acknowledgment and assistance – and it’s frustrating when you’re ignored only to try relentlessly to seek out help.

Whilst everyone’s preferences are different, the general rule is that a simple hello and offer of assistance without badgering can significantly lift a shopping experience.

Today we’d like to ask, ‘do you like being approached by retail staff, or left alone? Do you like a happy medium of a greeting and offer of assistance or are you content asking for help if you need it?’

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  1. Carol Pratt  

    I work in Retail and there are many different types of shoppers. I always greet them and then go by their body language. Some people can be quite rude when all I did was say hello. Most customers are very pleasant. Some even stop for a chat. It brightens their day.

  2. DiceyNana  

    I am an independent. I shop because I need something. I shop where I am reasonably sure the item I require, will be stocked. I like to see a sales assistant lurking in case I need help, in which case I will ask for it. I know what I want or I have a fair idea in my minds eye, and like to browse for it or see what other options I might have for what is in mind. If I can’t find something … I will ask. I occasionally find, when looking in my own, other items to add to my shop or improve on my original item. If I engage an assistant too early, I might miss out on seeing what else there is, AND the shop might go without extra sales if I am taken to only see what have entered their store for. There is a chance I might not find other items without help, but if the shop merchandises well, this should not happen.

  3. I can’t stand being asked “Can I help you ?” when I’ve barely put a foot over the threshold. And then she follows you around while you only want to browse. It’s enough to make me leave as I feel as if she thinks I’m a shoplifter or something.
    If I want something definite, I will seek out help. But as the comments above say, if they push too much I feel harassed, rushed and miss other bargains that might be there.

  4. colin  

    went into COS and then Myer today . both times some one said hello, if I can help just come over. that is all I want. an that is service….

  5. Maree Wayman  

    I like to be left alone to browse too but I also like to know that help is available if I need it. What I seriously don’t like is staff who don’t know the products a store sells when what I’m looking for is advice. I find that this often occurs on weekends and Public holidays when it seems that a lot of junior casual staff are working; I don’t shop then unless I know what I want.

  6. Marie  

    I’m a ‘browser’. I know what I want, & will buy it soon as I find it.

    If an sales assistant does approach me, depending on what they say, I’ll give a pleasant reply.

    The ‘greeting’ I like hearing most is, ‘good morning/afternoon, are you happy just to browse? Please let me know if I can assist you with anything’.
    That’s got ALL in it that I want!

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