Do you colour your hair?

Hair colour is one of the most effective anti-ageing tools we have. Enhancing your hair colour as you age is

Hair colour is one of the most effective anti-ageing tools we have. Enhancing your hair colour as you age is an easy way to keep you looking young and fresh but if you get it wrong, it can also be a bit disastrous! Do you dye your hair?

A common mistake for women when they start to dye their hair to hide your greys is trying to look too young. If you dye it too dark, the colour can create the illusion of more fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, when your hair starts to grow, the re-growth line becomes more apparent. Straying too far form your natural shade is risky.Opt for a warm tone or add subtle highlights to create the dimension of an all-over dark hue.

Another colouring problem is going too light and so it comes across as grey. It’s just as important to maintain a certain level of contrast between your hair colour and skin tone. You don’t want to look washed out.¬†Whether you decide to cover up grey hairs or not, there’s not doubt that the secret to looking good at any age is feeling comfortable in your own skin. Forget the rules and focus on the styles that flatter your best bits!

How do you like to style your hair? When was the last time you went to the salon?

  1. Kathy  

    Decided 12 months ago to stop colouring my hair and go naturally grey. Today I needed a lift and put a colour through….my husband still keeps looking to see who is sitting next to him! Mind you he did say that it makes me look younger.

  2. Lynley Green  

    I have an allergy to the hair dyes used at the salon. I spent 6 months living in Switzerland 2 years ago, thus giving my hair the chance to grow out to what dyed colours were there, to be the salt and pepper that I really am! I found a lovely young hair dresser in Switzerland who understood my dilemma (just, with her grasp of English) who cut my hair short and applied foils! I can tell you it looked fabulous! Still does 2 years later! So, no, I dont colour my hair, really!

  3. colour and cut my own hai,r have for years… with the Creaclips help. Husband and Daughter want me to keep dyeing my hair and I am happy with that. Everyone to there own I say…

  4. Faye Dapiran  

    I dye my own hair most of the time. I occasionally have it done at the hairdresser, but it is easier to dye it myself. I will keep doing this for as long as I possibly can. I don’t want to to grey. Good on the friends that do, but I think it makes them look older.

  5. Celia Cliff  

    Not any more! Used to pay for highlights in my mid blonde hair, now nature has given them me for free!

  6. Terri Rice  

    At almost 62 I still have my long hair coloured by the same hairdresser of almost 15 years. Just have the roots recoloured, a vibrant red put through in foils + a few blond foils in strategic places. My hair also has a natural curl so when I wear it down it looks fabulous. That might sound as if I am blowing my own trumpet but everywhere I go people comment on the style & colour & ask where I have it done. I also rarely brush it until it’s washed & also only use salon grade products. All this ensures a continual shine & no breakages.
    Who made the rule that we should grow old gracefully? Look at many celebrities over ” the age” who still wear their hair long & coloured.
    Be confident enough in yourself to not bend to the general tide of turning into your own Grandmother, just because a lot of society thinks that is the way to go. Wear the colourful clothes you love, colour your hair & always keep a positive approach to life, along with a younger attitude !!

  7. Moira Casey  

    I have various coloured foils put into my hair and every now and again it needs all over colouring. This month I am reddish with pink high lights !

  8. Val Bletcher  

    I have an old friend of many years who is forever stating that she has never coloured her hair and never will. It is said as if I, who have always “rinsed” my hair, eat my young. I have started to say back that I have mirrors in my house. Makes her think. Everyone to their own but if you start it, keep up the roots. Have discovered a powder like eye shadow that you must brush on. Gives you another week before colouring. Available at chemists.

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