Do you believe in ghosts?

They’re often used as a horror motif; used to tie the mortal world to the next through terror and menace

They’re often used as a horror motif; used to tie the mortal world to the next through terror and menace – but there are those who believe that ghosts are very real.

Given the popularity of ghost tours and shows and documentaries about all things ghost related, there’s an undeniable interest in whether or not ghosts are real, but with no definitive proof, it would seem this is a mystery solved only when we become one… or don’t.

For those who believe in these spooky supernatural beings, comes the idea that they aren’t always all bad. In fact, some believe that they are visiting us with very real purpose. To guide us, or perhaps because they have some unresolved business in our world. Then of course there are the ghosts that some believe aren’t all that friendly, but maybe that’s a topic for another day!

What are your thoughts? Are ghosts real? Have you ever been on a ghost tour?

We’d love to hear your thoughts… or experiences.

  1. Yes i believe gohsts . My aunty passed away and you could always tell she was there when we went to visit her old house, she had urinary problem, my children would always say auntys here, sure enough you could tell by the slight uran oder. Also one of my best mates passed bout week later he visited me and said every things all right mate. One of my daughters said she was talking to her grandfather not long after he passed.

  2. Heather  

    Yes I believe in Ghosts … You would too, if you had one tap you on the shoulder…

  3. kathleen kira  

    i certainly do i sometimes get a strong smell and its either my mum visiting or my dad my dad was a smoker so thts wat i smell but i can always smell the perfume my mum used

  4. Brian Lee  

    No, I don’t believe they actually exist – they are seen because they are inside your own head, and appear when you sub-consciously call them up, through some particular state in your mind, anxiety, tension, sorrow, there are many reasons for ghosts. One over-riding factor always gets me when people say they have seen ghosts – that is, even supposing they DID exist because the human spirit was strong enough to survive death, I cannot believe that their clothes would possess the same strength of character to pass over into the spirit world with the deceased! So to my way of thinking all ghosts, if they did exist, should be naked, not dressed as Roman soldiers, nuns or women in ball gowns~

    • Pierre, I have no choice, for seven months, everyday when I woke up there is one spirit standing next to my bed, the first one was the father of my ex girl friend, he kept smiling and told me I was the best man his daughter had, from there I had one every morning including my mother who asked me ” do you recognise me ? ” We get our etheric body at thirty that mean if we pass on at ninety we have the look of a thirty years old, and a friend, she was old when I met her but then I she made my day she was so pretty ! only once there were two . In seven months I would have about 225 visitors . There is a book : The Witnesses of the invisible which explain a lot . Two young women who passed on have been with me for years, if they couldn’t be with me alive then they could be with who they love . There is far more to say about this topic and for me I only love is .

  5. Elainr  

    O believe in ghosts seen several

  6. Robert Green  

    I don’t believe in ghosts. But I do believe in the demons who masquerade as loved ones to distract us from the truth. The truth is that without Christ there is no eternity. The Bible also tells us “there is no contact between the living and the dead”. And for those atheist know it alls the story of Lazarus and the rich man is a parable (teaching tool) Jesus used to illustrate a point.

    The way to ensure your eternal life is to accept Jesus Christ as your saviour and the sacrifice he made to pay for your sins. Then, at death, you will be in the loving arms if God and have no memory of your physical past.

  7. Tricia Roberts-Hay  

    Funny how the ladies say ‘Yes!!” & the Men say “No!!” 😉

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