Are you a tidy or messy person?

Keeping a tidy home when you’re busy with work and family can be difficult. Most of us don’t mind a

Keeping a tidy home when you’re busy with work and family can be difficult. Most of us don’t mind a little clutter here and there, but there are also an equal few who can’t stand mess.

There are also the times when a little mess can get away from us and turn into a disaster – the important thing is to not let messy turn into dirty. Whilst it’s of course important to make good habit of tidying up after yourself, unrealistic expectations of just how clean and tidy out homes must be can be frustrating and disheartening. Just remember, leaving a bed unmade, for a day is okay!

We’re curious to know, do you consider yourself a tidy or messy person? Are you fazed by clutter and disorganisation?

Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Cheryl  

    Definitely tidy and clean…..but not obsessive. Just like my home to be comfortable and not chaotic.

  2. kp  

    Don’t put it DOWN…….PUT IT AWAY……..

  3. Frances stone  

    I like a very tidy home , spent years in the Army and old habits die hard !

  4. Shirley  

    Definitely tidy and clean. Can’t stand mess and housework not done. Just love the smell and look of a nice clean home. Feels so satisfying after I’ve finished.

  5. messy but not dirty , once upon a time i was tidy but these days ……..yes well

  6. Anita  

    Yes definitely à clean freak. I can’t stand seeing anything out of place or dishes left on the bench or in the sink. My husband reckons he gets a glass out to get a drink and I wash it and put it away before he even has time to pour the drink

  7. Hopelessly untidy. Not dirty, but I can never find the time or space to put everything away. And if I do, I forget it’s there. Out of sight, out of mind, and bills, knitting, sewing jobs, books, etc. then get forgotten. Beginning to think I have a cluttering issue…..

  8. I am a messy person it started when I was a child because we had a house keeper as you did in those days any I have not changed, but at least I can find what I am looking for were as if I was a tidy person I would loose things.

  9. Marlee  

    I have been sitting around for six weeks recovering from pneumonia, but my husband is a bigger clean freak than me, so he has taken over

  10. Definitely tidy and clean. I can’t stand clutter. I like a nice tidy home. When I used to go out to work and teenagers still at home, I would have the kitchen clean and tidy, same for the lounge and dining room and our bed made and tidy. door shut on the two teenagers rooms. It’s nice to come t o a clean tidy place.

  11. I have a good friend who keeps her house super clean. When I visit I can always smell disinfectant and sandalwood candles. It’s got to the stage where I don’t visit her as often and keep finding an excuse as she’s always hovering over me. If I dropped a crumb on the floor, the vacuum cleaner would probably come out!
    I keep a tidy home but rather have it looking like it’s lived in instead of a hospital ward!

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