Ridiculously cheap way to remove grease and oil from your clothes

Dry cleaning and delicate fabric softeners can cost a fortune when you are trying to get a tough stain out.

What if there was a way to get those tough stains out without resorting to costly measures? Luckily we have found an amazing trick that will save you time and money.


  • Grease stained clothing
  • Chalk
  • Washing machine


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  1. Place the chalk in a plastic bag and crush until a powder is formed.
  2. Rub the chalk onto the entire stained area. At this point, the powder will now start to absorb and remove the stain.
  3. Place the clothes in the washing machine as normal but do try wash it as soon as possible. The normal wash will completely remove the chalk and the stain.


  • This trick works best for new stains. If you have a stain that has already been washed and dried it won’t work. A stain becomes set after it’s dried.
  • Chalk also works to remove lipstick stains.
  • You can also add baking soda to the crushed chalk to attack stubborn stains.

Will you try this trick? Do you have a DIY method to remove stains from clothes?