Celebrity makeup artist takes decades off these women with simple makeup tricks

Anar Agakishiev is a celebrity makeup artist while being from the country of Georgia speaks a universal language of beauty.

Anar Agakishiev is a celebrity makeup artist while being from the country of Georgia speaks a universal language of beauty. Using simple, but clever, makeup techniques and hair extensions he can take years off any woman.

On his Instagram, where he has over 123,000 followers, Anar regularly posts pictures of women over 60 that he gives a makeover to take back the hands of time.

Və budur Sizlər ucun Iyul gözəli 😻❤umidvaram ki razi qalacagsiz, herzamanki kimi layk və kommentlerinizi gozləyirəm👍🏽🙈 Və həmcinin də hər birinizə minnetdarlıgımı bizldirmək istəyirəm, məni hər zaman dəstəklədiyinizə görə😻💋 And here is miss July🙈❤, I hope you like it 🤗😇I will be waiting your likes and comments 👍🏽 I wanna say, Thank you for support, and for sharing my works on your instagram page, it is very important for me❤🙈 @hudabeauty @laurag_143 @mikasabeauty @ladyvideo @beautyqueens4ever @neslin_guzelliksirlari @mazarin_design @omghairmakeup @the_ashoo_official @nouf_fashion А вот для Вас и мисс Июль 🤗❤надеюсь вы останетесь довольны, как и всегда не забывайте ставить лайки и комментарии❣💋Благодарю всех за поддержку😍😘 #hudabeauty #anar_agakishiev #makeupcoach #girlzart #anastasiabeverlyhills #vegas_nay #voguethreads #universodamaquiagem_oficial #ibeautydaily #wakeupandmakeup #styledbyhrush #houseofmua #makeupbybouba #makegirlz #make_clips #makeuptutorialsx0x #universomakeup #brian_champagne #slave2beauty #toofaced #makeupartistsworldwide #ardell #houseoflashes #laurag_143 #tutorialesvideos

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Hi my dear followers😍☺I’d like to share with you our May beauty👸🏼 And as you already know every month i make transformation of women 45+ , by the way this one is 70 years old🙈and by the end of the year i will carry out an opinion poll and you will decide which month transformation you like much more🙊😍💃🏼 Salam mənim əziz və dəyərli izləyicilərim😊😋Hər ay oldugu kimi bu ay da size May gozəlini təgdim edirəm💃🏼👸🏼😍 Və il sonu sorgu kecirəcəm hansi ayın gozəlini daha cox bəyəndiz❣👠👸🏼 Привет мои дорогие подписчики😻💃🏼💑Хочу представить вам Майскую красавицу💋💄Как вы знаете каждый месяц я преображаю женщин возраста 45+ 👸🏼🙋🏼и в конце года я проведу опрос, Красавица какого месяца вам нравится больше☺ #hudabeauty #universodamaquiagem_oficial #toofaced #slave2beauty #style4makeup #universomakeup #makeupgeekcosmetics #beatthatface #ghalichiglam #anastasiabeverlyhills #vegas_nay #wakeupandmakeup #makegirlz #make_clips #fashionclimaxx2 #universomakeup #maquillaje #brian_champagne #slave2beauty #toofaced #makeupartistsworldwide #hairfashion #houseoflashes #laurag_143 #me #makeupartist #transformation

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What do you think of the transformations? Are you a fan or is it too much?

  1. Mary Heffernan  

    A bit too much, I think – what about at the end of the day when you have to take all that stuff off and be left with just you? Then try to get the “new” look going again next day? Or is Anar prepared to follow each of us around and do us up every morning? I’m all for looking as smart as possible, but I think this is a bit of overkill!

  2. marilyn flynn  

    it looks revolting. do their faces crack when they smile? looks like they might with all that polyfilla plastered on.
    Goodness, just embrace your age. Why everyone wants to appear younger is beyond me.

  3. Nancy Brenton  

    My goodness how many years over 60 are these women? I think the make over is so false – surely a good hair cut and a little enhancement of the best features would suffice.

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