Carefree and clothes free

Call me whatever you like – but I am a loud and proud naturist. I love to be nude.

It all started when I was growing up – I didn’t like to wear any clothes and would often strip off in public, much to the horror of my parents. Thankfully I’ve stopped that now! I was always a free spirit but of course I conform for work and social events. I would never get naked in public as I respect other people as much as I respect myself. I much prefer to be nude in the safety and privacy of my own home, or when I am with my naturist community. I know some perceptions of a nudist are that they wander around their yard without clothes on, but with such low fences in my backyard, I am careful and clothed! I’ve always been aware of others and am mortified at the thought that I would ever be seen bare in front of children or unsuspecting strangers.

I like to go nude when I have my doors and curtains drawn, and I ALWAYS have a robe nearby to answer the door. My philosophy is to love the vessel I have been given and to love every inch of it. Even as I’ve gotten older and things aren’t as perky, I’ve found a lot of comfort in being nude and getting to know my body, warts and all.

My children are aware that I am a nudist, but I’ve made sure that they haven’t seen me nude (deliberately). It is a deeply personal experience to me but I have been known to travel to nudist beaches and go to events with fellow naturists. I have so many wonderful friends I’ve met through being a nudist, and none of them are based on sexual attraction, nor have anything to do with our outward appearance.

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I think people automatically think you are a freak if you are a self-confessed naturist, but in actuality, my friends are doctors, teachers and scientists. By day I am a nurse so I can firmly say that we are among you! This is a lifestyle that is for everyone and every body, but by no means do I or my community press it on anyone. We have children among us who make the decision to join their parents in this carefree state of being, and some who do not feel comfortable.

If you have ever feel unaccepted by your peers, being in a nudist community can change your confidence and make you feel appreciated. Instead of being judged by your appearance, you are embraced for letting it all hang out (pardon the pun!).

Each state and territory has a naturist group or community and if you’ve never tried it, I encourage you to give it a go – I feel carefree, youthful and happy.


Would you ever go nude in a group? Are you a nudist? What do you think of naturists? Tell us your thoughts below.