Captain Cook’s HMS Endeavour has been found at last

For those of us who grew up learning Australian history, the voyages of Captain Cook took on an almost mythic

For those of us who grew up learning Australian history, the voyages of Captain Cook took on an almost mythic quality. The HMS Endeavour holds a fundamentally important role in the founding of Australia as we know it – but its final resting place has been long lost to time.

According to The Courier Mail, a US archeology research group will be announcing the discovery this Wednesday.

The wreckage has been found on the east coast of the United States, on the floor of Newport Harbour in Rhode Island.


The ship’s history following James Cook’s fateful 1770 voyage will come as a surprise to many. It was renamed to the somewhat less-poetic “Lord Sandwich” and used to transport troops during America’s war of independence from 1775-83.

It is one of 13 ships believed to have been sunk in Newport Harbour during the American Revolution.

The Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project (RIMAP), the group that made the discovery, revealed in a statement that they were“80 to 100 per cent certain” that the remains in question are those of the Endeavour.

“RIMAP has mapped 9 archaeological sites of the 13 ships that were scuttled in Newport Harbour in 1778 during the American Revolution.

“One group of 5 ships included the Lord Sandwich transport, formerly Captain James Cook’s Endeavour.

“All of the 13 ships lost in Newport during the Revolution are important to American history, but it will be a national celebration in Australia when RIMAP identifies the Endeavour.”

Are you an Australian history enthusiast? Are you excited about the Endeavour being discovered at long last? Share your thoughts below!

  1. David Henson  

    A muddled view of history. Captain Cook visited New Zealand three times and made Queen Charlotte Sound effectively his southern hemisphere base. He only visited Australia once and nearly lost his ship on the Great Barrier Reef. However the independence of the US created the need to find a new place to export Britain’s criminal classes hence Sydney became the choice.

    • woodrow wobblestick  

      Not quite right, he came twice, the second visit to Tasmania. Check it out!

      • vic roby  

        He came to Australia as an explorer…NOT as an invader…he brought civilisation to a stone-age land.

  2. Lee Hall  

    Well said David, a very monocular view indeed. Strange that James Cook was only part of Australian history, must be selective memory loss at over 60. However, it does not beat my experience where I once went to an Anzac ceremony in WA where the head of the Australian forces called ANZAC day ” uniquely Australian “.

  3. John Stamenkovic  

    And heaven forbid, l dare say it won’t be long before we’re all asked to dip in our pockets to raise mega millions to bring the remains to Australia where they belong!😇

  4. adrian feasey  

    Maybe it should go back to Whitby in yorkshire where it was born.

  5. Marlee  

    Old Whitby Harbour, Captain James Cook to answer the call. Young boys of Whitby sail on the Endeavour, South to Australia, around the Cape Horn.

  6. Tom Hill  

    I find it very interesting the comments made about the greatest Captain of pioneering of exploring the southern lands.
    using a converted ,coal barge to sail one of the most difficult Oceans in the world .
    Bring back the Endevour to Whitby as you do not appreciate how difficult or the magnitude of the discovery and mapping the great Southern lands in the 1700,s. for you to live there .
    Alan Bond a famous pom .won you the Ametica,s cup and made you a replica Endevor with other peoples money so you have one, a crook they say, but not a Captin Cook
    Most Australians with a GPS could not navigate the Nulibor

    • David Baylis  

      At least I can spell that Latin name “Nullarbor” is no trees.

    • Teena Swinburne  

      Sorry to see you are so bitter and twisted. Perhaps a small visit to Autralia might clear the cobwebs and give you a fresh, less knarled view on life. You’re more than welcome.

  7. Greg meek  

    Fascinating. Hope it comes to aus

  8. A great adventurer, a great sailor, and a hero to the likes of me, whose families came to Australia to live. I’ve visited Whitby, to see where the great man slept under the grocers counter. We woke up one morning, and to our amazement and delight, the replica ships of Endeavour and Resolution were both moored off the coast. I’m visiting Rhode Island later this year, and will wade in the water where she sleeps!!!

  9. Hels  

    SO Captain Cook only came to Australia once! That once consisted of finding the East coast of Australia & the two islands of New Zealand. He was the greatest navigator of his time & I sure as hell wouldn’t want to sail near the Antartic in such a little old boat.
    He will always be remembered as a great sailor, navigator who gave his life to exploration

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