Calls for US to ‘do something’ about gun violence

How is it that someone on an FBI ‘Watch List’ is able to purchase firearms legally? It’s a question a

How is it that someone on an FBI ‘Watch List’ is able to purchase firearms legally? It’s a question a lot of people might be asking today after 50 people were killed in a terror-related shooting at a nightclub in Orlando overnight.

While we should not ignore that these senseless murders were carried out on dozens of innocent people from the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and queer communities, the mass shooting has been deemed the ‘deadliest’ in the past 34 years and raises certain questions about the gun culture and gun violence in the United States.

President Barack Obama was quick to deliver a statement in response to the attack.

While presidential hopeful Donald Trump pointed the finger — deservedly so, perhaps (the shooter was a Muslim and an aspiring Jihadi who was clearly an enemy of Western civilisation) — at ‘Radical Islam’, other politicians focused on a need to address the bigger issue at stake.

“We should not be selling automatic weapons which are designed to kill people,” senator Bernie Sanders says. “We have to do everything that we can on top of that to make sure guns do not fall into the hands of people who should not have them, criminals, people who are mentally ill…”

It only took one such gun massacre in Australia before serious action was taken.

What are your thoughts on the mass shooting in the US? Does this country need to take action over its gun laws?

  1. Merrill  

    How many times have there been mass shootings in USA, & the ‘we must do something’ phrase is said yet again, to the effect that NOTHING does get done whatsoever? SNAFFU, somewhat, methinks.

    The NRA is way too powerful a lobby, & many people are employed in associated firearms industries.

    Also, they like to say they’re ‘entitled to bear arms’ according to the 2nd Amendment, & until that’s changed, again, still, nothing will happen.

    Same old, same old, actually!

    And it’ll just go on, & on, until someone has the guts to put a stop it!


      Eventually, they’ll all be armed, at all times and will start shooting at one another simply on suspicion…

      • Merrill  

        Yes, you’re right, & they’ll decimate the Negroes’ firstly, to be ‘rid’ of them!

  2. Keith Schadel  

    The Constitution alows Americans to bear arms, but the sale of assault weapons must be banned. They are not designed for protection but to kill quickly.
    Let us not forget, that thisbis now an admitted terrorist attack, both by the deranged mass murder, but now claimed by ISIS.
    Pray forbthe victims and their families, being gay is no excuse for cold blooded dearh.
    Also,nhow do Criminals and those who have committed acts of terrorism here get their handsbon guns so easily despite our gun control?

  3. Geoff  

    If America banned the sale of automatic weapons at least that would limit the carnage a bit.I cant see them ever changing the 2nd amendment.

    To me Americans are just plain stupid for not seeing the results of having their current gun laws.

    It will just go on and on.Obama is not doing anything to protect his citizens??

    • Kim  

      Obama has tried but the republican controlled congress has stopped. So don’t blame him.

    • Until the Republican-controlled Congress is overcome, a Democrat president has no chance of passing anything approaching sane laws about gun control or anything else. The NRA don’t care what happens to anyone in the States and they do NOT care if the people shot are children, pensioners or members of the “everyday” public. Given the Republican stance against gay anything, they may be well rejoicing in the demise of so many gay people. That sounds harsh I know, but what else would one deduce from the NRA and Republican attitude?

    • Obama is the president, not one of the lawmakers. He has no real power, especially when the congress is controlled by those of an opposing political stance.

    • Marilyn  

      President Obama does not exist in a vacuum. He needs the support of the House and Senate to pass laws and there are too many with vested interests, or are just plain obstructive to a President of “the other political party”.

  4. Ed Burns  

    Restricting law abiding citizens from bearing arms to protect and defend our families will do nothing. Criminals don’t obey laws and carry so why should I be restricted to carry? If several trained people attending that club were carrying handguns, the outcome would probably be very different. More guns in the hands of competent people is the answer. If that Muslim terrorist knew that people attending were armed he may have thought twice about it!

    • Kim  

      Typical gun supporter’s response. We always hear about “good guys with guns” but they never seem to be around when there’s a shooting happening. Like most people (apart from properly trained law enforcement officers) they are probably trying to get away from the violence. Law abiding citizens can quickly become criminals when there’s a gun around. Face it – your country is on the road to destruction because violence is an accepted way of life – gun control is a good start.

      • Merrill  

        ‘Properly trained law enforcement officers’??????………

        Yeah, well, the cops’ at Hornsby last week need heaps more target practice, as they shot THREE innocent bystanders’ by mistake’, as you do!

        Disgustingly handled!

        In ARes, every three months’ had to qualify on SLR, F1 Sub-Machine Gun, & 9mm Pistol.
        I was ‘top shot’ in all THREE, & a Weapons’ Instructor.
        Certainly would’ve hit knife-wielding nutter ONLY, if in same circumstances there.

    • Ed if that club was filled with people carrying guns they’d have been shooting each other and helping the terrorist out. It would have been dark, no one would know who was shooting and who wasn’t. The first person with a gun out – terrorist of not – would have had everyone else pulling firearms. Can you really imagine the carnage THAT would have caused? 50 people dead and 53 wounded would have likely been 103 dead.

    • More guns is the answer…. what a ridiculous suggestion. It beggers belief when obviously the easy access to guns is making this type of massacre virtually an everyday occurrence on America.

    • Jan Foley  

      So,you want to introduce MORE guns when guns are the problem? What an idiotic statement that is !! Wake up to yourself America! Take off the blinkers and do something about the carnage in your country. You seem to sit and wait for the next massacre to come – and it will – and we hear everyone say oh my, how terrible, such a tragedy – but NOTHING is ever done to at least TRY and prevent this appalling loss of precious lives. Shame on you!

  5. Phil Wild - New Zealand  

    A terrorist does not need a license to have a gun, in this case he was a security guard and was entitled to carry a gun anyway. Stop diverting the conversation from Muslim terrorism to gun control and face the real issue of world wide terrorism.

  6. John Howard had a lot of guts post the Port Arthur killings.
    Not that I think this would make a lot of difference in America, but any difference has to be a good thing.

    • Kim  

      Exactly – how many? After the Sandy Hook event one would gave thought that common sense would prevail. But not even the killing of 20 innocent little children was enough. It’s all about guns. Power.

      • Merrill  

        ………AND Money, multi-millions of $$$$$$!

  7. John Lambert  

    It will take an extremely strong president and Congress to do anything about these shootings. USA has three times the number of firearms per capita of any other OECD country – around 0.9 firearms per person. Yet only 35% of males and 12% of women own a firearm – and the inference is that those who own firearms on average own close to four firearms each! There are almost a shooting everyday where at least 4 people are killed or injured. And wherever there is an event like this the response of gun owners is to say if everyone had a hand gun they could have shot Mateen, ignoring that a police officer had engaged him in a shoot out outside the night club and before he entered.
    Why the USA does not amend/ withdraw the Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution is beyond my understanding.

  8. Helen Noonan  

    I continually despair when I hear of senseless shootings in the USA and yet they cling firmly to the second amendment , when it was written there were lawless, frontier type times, not 21st century civilisation (so called). To read of a child shooting a parent because a gun was unsecured, or teenagers shooting up their school mates because a gun was accessible frightens me. Responsible gun owners have locked cabinets, their keys are not able to be accessed by others. Years ago, we always kept the gun in one place, the bolt in another and the ammo in a third place, this was before we had locked cabinets available.

    • Merrill  

      Yes, Helen, that’s a correct way for weapons’ storage.
      Even with so-called ‘locked cabinets’, the former is still the best way, IMHO………..

  9. Peter  

    To make the NRA happy make it mandatory for every American to own a gun, but ban the possession of bullets!
    Then no need to change the Constitution.

    • Ian Jones  

      A ex Highway patrol man from California told me that years ago

  10. Eric Bottle  

    President Obama will retire shaking his head over the pig-headedness of Congress preventing his introduction of gun control- The mind boggles over Trump’s attitude , NOTHING heard from Hilary ??

  11. [email protected]  

    Of course something should be done,
    Why can you go into a store in the U.S. and buy your groceries, then buy a gun??
    Take that away. and who needs an automatic gun anyway.?
    We aren’t at war!
    Please don’t just talk about it make it happen!

  12. Ian Jones  

    Sad as it is it has taken 20 years for them to have a high body count as we did at Port Auther in 1996. This tragic shooting changed our gun laws for ever. Lets hope that the yanks can learn to stand up to the gun lobby & ban automatic weapons.

    • Merrill  

      Oh Ian, please don’t hold your breath……

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