Blaming the world for our problems

I was speaking to my sister the other day and for the first time, I was able to sum up exactly what her whole personality and mentality is. She blames the world for her problems, and never herself. I’m sure we all know someone like her, someone who rings you up at 1pm on a weekday to speak about the horrible bus driver who wouldn’t stop for her (mind you, she wasn’t hailing them, she was sitting in the bus stop). My sister has always been the drama queen of the family, and has always been the least happy or satisfied. It’s as if no one or nothing can ever make her feel positive about the world.

And I’ve tried, believe me. I’ve tried to be the positive influence on her life – I point out all the good things she has, yet she chooses that pessimistic view. Why is it that some people do this? She had a car accident recently and she blamed the other driver, despite her being the one who hit them. She blamed them for having a white car and said she could hardly see them. She was screaming and carrying on (I was the passenger) and the poor girl was crying her eyes out. It was not the girl’s fault at all, she had right of way and was ‘t-boned’ by my sister, meaning she hit the middle of her car at a t-intersection. I felt terrible for the girl. It’s sad to see her be so bitter about the world and not look inwardly to see how she could make a change.

But then again, maybe she likes being the pessimistic person in our family – maybe she likes the attention it brings, albeit negative. If anyone ever goes away on holiday, she makes a morbid farewell: “Hope your plane doesn’t fall out of the sky”. It’s upsetting at times.

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My sister lost her job a few months back and of course it wasn’t her fault: her boss deserved to be called a ‘dumba**’. How can she even think that is acceptable in any circumstance? Do not ask me. She had the gall to try and launch a Fair Work review into her dismissal as she could not reconcile the connection between abusing her manager and losing her job. She blamed the world for it, saying she had the worst luck and she was such a good worker, they’re going to miss her and so on.

She plays the blame game and blames everyone else for the issues in her life. It’s her partner’s fault that her finances are out of order, it’s her butcher’s fault her weight goes up and down, it’s my fault she can’t cook. I just want her to stop playing the game where someone else is somehow responsible for the problems she is having – I want to hold a mirror up to her…. but I don’t really know how. She’d just blame me in the end anyway!

Is this one of those things where it’s too late to change someone? What is she so afraid of admitting? Failure, probably…

Do you know some who blames the world for their problems? How has it affected their lives? Tell us below.