Bindi opens up about her estranged relationship with grandfather Bob

Earlier this week we reported that Bob Irwin, the patriarch of the Irwin family, had revealed he was no longer
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Earlier this week we reported that Bob Irwin, the patriarch of the Irwin family, had revealed he was no longer in contact with his grandchildren Bindi and Robert. Now, 17-year-old Bindi has given her side of the story.

The father of late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin told The Herald Sun on Saturday he was shut out of his grandchildren’s life.

“I don’t like to talk about family matters but no we are not in contact,” he said. “It’s sad but it’s just the way things are”.

“Life’s a b**** sometimes”.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail at last night’s AACTA awards, Bindi responded to the reports of an estrangement with her grandfather. In her usual mature manner, the DWTS winner said, “Everyone deals with grief differently”.

“When my dad passed away he chose to distance himself from everything that dad loved the most.

“At the moment we’re really just respecting his wishes because he hasn’t had anything to do with us for a long time and he decided his own path. That’s important so good for him”.

Devastatingly for the teenager, she revealed, “There was one year where we sent birthday presents to him and he opened them up and he sent them back”.

“With things like that you realise that people need to deal with grief how they need to deal with grief and as long as it doesn’t hurt yourself or hurt those around you then that’s the way to go.’

In his own Australian Story in May, Bob Irwin admitted the death of his son was a catalyst for some isolation.

“Once we lost Steve those were difficult times and a lot of it all I wanted to forget, I suppose,” he said.

“I basically buried myself in physical work, I didn’t want anything to do with people. I had things to get sorted out in my own head and that took a long time to get those sorted out”.

This issue is clearly something many of our readers felt strongly about, and we received over 570 comments. Margaret said, “I hope Bindi and Robert gives their grandfather a wonderful xmas present in the way of a special visit with him. So many grandparents out there with no communication with grandchildren. Very sad”, while Patricia shared a personal story: “I am so sad for Bob. As I have very little contact with my grandchildren since my daughter passed away 6 years ago. My son in law told me after he remarried that I am not part of the family anymore”.

What do you think Bindi and little Bob should do? Or is it their mother’s decision to make, or even Bob’s? How can this family make amends?

  1. Dianne Evans  

    He cut himself off and he has too join himself back in!

  2. There are 2 sides to every story, that I am so loath to sit and judge people, Bob could pick up the phone and ring his grandchildren, he is the adult. I hope it sorts out for them, they all deserve happiness

    • I have no opinion on this because we only hear the short stories. There has to be a huge amount of background to this, and both the kids were too young to completely understand what went on when Steve died. There are 2 adults involved here, they both need to grow up and offer the olive branch. It’s all very sad

  3. My children and i suffered a similar situation. When my husband passed away 20 years ago my mil told me that it would be best if my children and myself didnt visit as it only made her realize that she was never going to see her son again. He died 6 weeks after Melenoma was diagnosed.

  4. As much as i think Bindi is an incredible young lady, I think she and her brother should reach out to their grandfather. Not send a present, proper communication. If he rejects them then they have tried. He is an older person and a male and no offebce to men but will find it harder than a woman would to reach out.

    • I am sure they will have tried to contact him. He chose to distance himself so I think its up to him to make contact and make an effort, not Bindi and her brother.

    • From what I remember Terri didn’t like him and excluded him years ago. She would do well to remember she won’t be number one in her children’s lives when one day she will be a mother-in-law and grandmother herself. It was not up to either Bindi or Bob to keep up or make contact – that was Terri’s job and she should stop to think “would Steve like his children to be alienated from his father” – I think not!

    • So one is saying he didn’t like her and the other is saying she didn’t like him. Where do you get your information from?

    • You probably just need to read a few old issues of Woman’s Day and New Idea – there was a lot of antagonism right from a short time after Steve Irwin’s death.
      It may be a harsh thing to say, but I will say it anyway – you can replace a husband or a wife, you can NEVER replace a child and it seems that the focus has been on Terri’s grief and not Bob’s. Unfortunately the children will always be influenced by the parent who has control. I hope both Bindi and (son) Bob can draw a line under all of this and welcome their Grandad back into their lives – he has suffered enough.

      • Madeline Pitt  

        Since when did Woman’s Day and New Idea magazines ever become the truth book on anything? Seems that all they ever print these days is a pack of lies and half truths!

    • I’m sorry but Women’s Day is just not fact. Bob didn’t like the direction Steve took with the Park. Blame Terri is not fair. We don’t know the inside truth inside the family. Bob pulled away in his grief, his choice. Never too old to right the wrongs.

    • I wouldn’t believe everything thing i read in trashy magazines. The parent may move on but a child only ever has the parents that gave them life.

    • No the tabloid magazines are not fact but there was enough smoke to know that there was fire otherwise it wouldn’t have been or still be “news” I really don’t think anything matters other than Bob not only lost his son but also his grandchildren – I know I would be devastated if that were me!

  5. Why don’t the public just mind their own business, it’s nothing to do with any of us, they should never have been asked about their relationship in the first place.

    • exactly, I even feel uncomfortable commenting on this Lyn, I would be mortified if Australia was sitting back judging me and my family.

    • Totally agree Libbi, who are we to judge or comment on other people’s family situation.

    • I am sure that most of us feel the same way, leave the family alone and if it is meant to be one way or the other i am sure they will work it out. The media should keep their noses out of people’s lives.

    • The problem with many of the comments on this topic were that so many people can’t see any opinion but their own, I hope they can admit that there are two side to every story.

    • That would be because Bindi and her family present their wholesome ‘everyone is special ‘ sprinkles on the world . And they just got owned! Bottom line is they never liked Bob because he had a bit more of Steve than they could cope with. Jealousy is a terrible and destructive emotion, it can lead to murderous behaviour. As soon as Steve died, they were free to show their contempt. Bob knows that. And their grief was a competition, which they could not share with Bob in particular. There was no basis for a healthy relationship, when the rudder was smashed, the ship of fools foundered. I think someone said that somewhere, sometime , someplace😀

    • The public are part of this family as part of their advertising and work embracing them. Public moaned when Steve died too. Public life is like that!

    • Robina Burns, I’m just saying yes they are public figures & we can comment on whatever cause or profession they choose to push, but when it comes to people’s private life & family relationships it has nothing to do with anyone else except them, who are we, the public, to judge anyone’s business except our own, I don’t think it’s a subject to discuss on FB, it’s none of our business.

    • Robins Burns, you know the family very well I assume from the comment. And their grief was a competition??? You are a very judgemental person.

    • I don’t care.

      Haven’t clicked on the ‘click bait’.

      I doubt any sensibly minded person would want to know about this.

      This is completely the media woefully eeking out a story. Not one person would have actually asked them to write about this.
      Very poor, lazy and utterly intrusive journalism. SHAME

  6. It’s for them to work out, nothing anyone says on here will change the situation.

  7. Everyone handles grief differently and everyone is ready to move on with life at different times. Children are more resilient than the elderly. Bob Snr had many more years of Steve’s life to remember and grieve for/about. He knew him as a baby, a boy, a teenager, an adult, a friend then as Steve as a husband and a dad himself .The children have a different perspective and did not know Steve except as a father. Steve would be heart broken to think his family is divided. It is not the place for the media or general public to interfer. Surely some person who knows both parties can intervene to bring them together. Life is too short to hold grudges especially with family. Let then be in peace to sort out their differences.

  8. Family business should be a personal issue….. If they all want to reconnect, that’s up to them. If not, that’s their decision, their lives….. Life is too short not to fill it with what makes you happy.

  9. It’s a two way street, he is an adult he knows where the kids are, he should make contact, same with the kids they are old enough to be able to make contact with their granddad, and I am sure it won’t take much to find out where he lives.

  10. After all the crap i’ve read the last few days about Bindi and Bob ignoring their Grandfather, as ive said all along maybe he is still grieving and doesn’t want contact, if that’s the way he feels leave the man and Bindi and Bob alone and get a life of your own.

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