Australia’s best, most affordable wine is on sale in the place you’d least expect

Australians love a good wine. But what is shocking connoisseurs and delighting budget shoppers everywhere is the revelation that you don’t necessarily have to pay top-dollar for the best bottle.

A blind tasting at Perth’s Royal Show recently revealed that the best drop is actually among the dirt-cheapest, and it’s sold at Aldi supermarkets.

The resounding winner at Australia’s premier wine show was a rosé, which is currently selling at the very modest retail cost of $4.99. Aldi wines received accolades at other industry festivals, including Sydney International Wine Competition and Royal Melbourne Wine Awards, reports The Huffington Post.

The man behind the finest wine at the lowest dollar is Aldi’s buying director, Jason Bowyer. Joining Aldi over five years ago, Bowyer has radically shaken up the Australian alcohol retail market by striking deals with winemakers whose values align with the supermarket. Mr Bowyer had forged strong relationships with suppliers in the Yarra Valley, Barossa, Margaret River and McLaren Vale.

“We look at the shared values, Aldi is a family business it has a commitment to quality and we look for that in suppliers, as well as honesty and an open and transparent partnership,” Mr Bowyer told the Daily Mail.

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“You want a wine that has length of palate, tenacity of style, a wine that’s got plenty of flavour and we look for wines that really over deliver on their price point.”

Since Aldi’s entry into the Australian market over 10 years, the German supermarket chain has been making headlines with it’s a range of unconventional bargains and bulk production.

Now, Aldi is continuing to steal the spotlight from supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles, who do not stock wine or beer or spirits due to the competitive nature of Australia’s alcohol retail market. The majority of our nation’s supermarket chains have to play catch-up with countries like the United States and United Kingdom, who are conveniently stocking wine and other alcohol on their shelves.

Though, it’s not all good news for shoppers the nationwide. Aldi’s liquor range is available only in New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT.

Does the accolades for Aldi’s wine convince you? Have you found other amazing bargains in the supermarket before? Would you buy “homebrand” alcohol from Coles and Woolworths?