Australia, open your eyes

If someone was to read through some comment threads on Starts at 60 they would probably be quite surprised. There’s anger towards the government and supporters of opposing parties and policies, there are cries that we are hard done by the greed of many and there’s feelings of resentment to so many circumstances that have lead us to lead the life we have today.

Driving home last week I was thinking about this and the troubles that we’re all complaining about when I realised something. We need to open our eyes.

I opened my eyes and saw parks filled with beautiful greenery and walking tracks alongside the Brisbane river for all to use.

I opened my eyes and saw traffic lights and roads with no potholes for us all to drive on.

I opened my eyes and I saw people happily chatting in cars, laughing and smiling.

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I opened my eyes and I saw a public hospital with healthcare for those who need it.

I opened my eyes and saw a public school with education for every child.

I opened my eyes and saw people doing tai chi in a park.

I opened my eyes and saw a group of young people sharing a drink at the local pub.

I opened my eyes and saw a same-sex couple walking hand in hand down the street.

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I opened my eyes and saw supermarkets packed with people buying groceries and food ahead of the weekend.

I opened my eyes and saw a bus and a city cat, both taking people to the places they needed to go without having to own a car.

I opened my eyes and saw smiles, happy faces and freedom everywhere.

I feel like we get so lost in the rough, we’re so quick to complain and want more, but already we have so much more than so many other countries do. We’re always looking to complain about what we don’t have instead of appreciating what we do have.

We have the freedom to do what we like, when we like it. We have the security to know that we can mostly do things and feel safe in our neighbourhood. We have services like health, transport and education available to us for very little. We have the right to hold hands with whomever we like. We have public facilities where we can go to exercise, rest, relax and make memories with friends. We can be friends with whomever we like. We have access to clean water, groceries and necessities. And most importantly, we are allowed to be happy and be who we are.

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There’s no doubt that there are problems with the entire world. Some people still battle prejudice based on unjust reasons and some people still don’t feel fully free to be who they are. But we have so much to be thankful for and sometimes I don’t feel like we are thankful enough.

So, Starts at 60 readers: open your eyes. Before we complain, let’s take a moment to think, is this something worth complaining about? Do we have something else in our life that makes up for this?

Do you agree with this writer? Do you feel like you don’t always have a positive outlook on life? Share your thoughts in the comments below…