Are you a good neighbour?

What makes a good neighbour?  When do you know that you are a good one?  Is there such a thing as the perfect neighbour?  These are answers that the fellas at The Men’s Shed tried to answer.

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“I’m a horrible neighbour,” Jake blurts out with a laugh.  “I wish I were a good one, but I know that the things that make my life easier got to be making the lives around me harder.  I like to get the yard work out of the way bright and early.  I know that it’s too early for my neighbours but my needs sometimes outweigh theirs.  They never say anything so it’s not all on me.”

John shares “My father always told me that your neighbours are just an extend part of your family, and they should be treated as such.  It’s not as easy as it used to be.  When I was growing up, you could take a pie or something over to the neighbour and they would invite you in for a slice and a cuppa.  Now the youngin’s that moved in next to us thought we were crazy.  Everyone is a terrorist to them so they trust no one.  We ended up throwing a street party, and they warmed up.  But it was stressful to start.”

“I think that being a great neighbour comes down to simple courtesy and common sense.  If you are going to have a potentially loud and long get together either let them know or invite them to it.  Difficult to get mad if they are there,” Mike shares with a smile.  “If I’m going to be having work done on the house I’ll let the neighbours on every side know, happy to take in or put out the bins for someone is away, and the wife never misses a birthday or anniversary.  Luckily for us, our neighbours haven’t changed in almost 38 years so that’s made it slightly easier.”

What do you think makes a great neighbour?  Are you a good neighbour?  What makes a bad neighbour?