Are 'wife lessons' a good idea? At least one man thinks so

This couple take the biscuit – and the fight’s all about who’s not baking them. 

Tuesday’s episode saw a man called Josh tell talk show host Dr. Phil that he won’t marry girlfriend Rebecca, the mother of his daughter, until she takes “wife lessons” to learn how to be a better partner and mother.

Among the household duties Josh says he wants Rebecca, who’s pregnant with their second child, to improve on, cleaning the house to a better standard and making sure there is dinner on the table when he comes home are high on the list.

“Once Rebecca learns to be a better wife and mother, I think the sky’s the limit,” Josh says.

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Rebecca lists a series of demands she claims Josh has, which include ensuring she makes a shopping list before visiting the store, informing him before she leaves the house, and drying her hair more quickly so she uses less electricity.

“I’m the breadwinner. When I get home from work, I would love a meal,” he says. “She’s got ample time to organise a feeding schedule for a family and she doesn’t even make a grocery list.”

Accused by Rebecca of being controlling, Josh says: “She thinks I’m controlling because I tell her she has to do her job … She has to pick up. She has to do her share.”

But Josh says he doesn’t set the boundaries, he “suggests the boundaries.”

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And he does have some praise for his girlfriend, who he called “the housekeeper.”

“I love her size, her height, she’s perfectly proportioned. She’s a strong gal. She can pick up two bags of potatoes instead of one,” he says.

The couple appeared on Dr. Phil in an attempt to save their relationship, but the show ends with a surprise revelation from Josh.

Do you think “wife lessons” are a good idea? Or are people like Josh living in past? How do you settle arguments with your partner on who keeps house and who works outside the home?