Are we ready for a new department store?

David Jones and Myer’s struggles are no secret, and chances are they’ll be in for a shock when they hear this Australian retailer’s new plan to dominate them.

It’s already a one-stop shop for those looking for a bargain but now the electronics retailer wants to branch out and sell all the goods you would find in your local department store.

Known for their cheap TVs and electronics, Kogan is hoping to test the waters in the department store space.

“We want to be a department store,” founder Ruslan Kogan said. “I had a guy at my place to fix the airconditioning a few weeks ago and he walks in and was like ‘oh, so you’re Kogan, the guy that sells the TVs’, reports Brisbane Times.

“I was like ‘we’ll there’s 30,000 products on our site right now and TVs are just a portion of that'”.

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The Australian business has grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise and sells products such as clothing, kitchen appliances, manchester, travel items, pet supplies, hardware, as well as their flagship Kogan products such as phones, tablets and TVs, all for much less than you’ll see at other online retailers or in store.

Mr Kogan explained how he will identify what the customer wants: “We’ll think ‘Is there a demand for towels’? and we’ll take a look at the number of Google searches for towels, then we’ll look at how much we can get them manufactured for”.

“Then we’ll look at how much we can get them delivered to the customer for, see what the other price in the market is, and then say ‘go’.”

So we want to know what you think: Do you feel that we need another department store? Would you shop there if it was cheaper?