Are they serious? Is it OK for people to wear this in public?

There have been some questionable fashion trends over the years, but this new idea might top them all… An increasing

There have been some questionable fashion trends over the years, but this new idea might top them all… An increasing number of people are taking to the streets in their pajamas. We’re not just talking about a quick trip to the letterbox or the corner store either; these people are spending the whole day out in their PJ’s.

While it’s important to be comfortable in what you wear, some people are saying it’s just poor taste to spend a day out in your sleep wear.

“Pajamas are not clothes for wearing outside unless outside is getting your newspaper from the front walk or walking your dog (if you live in the ruralest of rural areas). Otherwise, you need to knock it off,” said one disapproving spectator on Gawker.

What do you do though when designer brands are encouraging this new trend and are selling silk PJ’s to their customers for thousands of dollars? Gucci, Dior and Chanel have all sent models down the runway wearing ‘fancy’ pajamas and then trend has even made it’s way into some Australian stores.

One pajama enthusiast told The Guardian,”wearing pajamas during the day is actually the height of fashion right now” – as hard as that is to believe.

It seems it not just happening on the streets either; a judge in America had to put a sign outside his courtroom telling people not to wear pajamas inside. He’d had so many people wearing their sleep wear to court he was forced to hang a sign reading: ‘Pajamas are not appropriate attire for district court’.

The jury’s out on this one as far as we’re concerned!

What do you think?

Is it ok for people or wear pajamas out all day, or is it just lazy? Would you ever wear ‘fashionable’ PJ’s out of the house?

  1. To each their own I guess but if you decide to wear PJ’s to my local area shops don’t be upset if I and others start laughing at you.

  2. I like wearing ‘odd’ shoes… Makes people look, and get judgemental.. hehehe

  3. If a person spends thousands of dollars on PJs they have more money than sense. Get out of your PJs and get dressed. It is not that hard. Do these people shower?

  4. Once they are worn in public they are no longer pyjamas. In other words, if they are specifically designed to be worn out, then they become matching trousers and top. (I guess).

  5. Now there’s pyjamas and there’s pyjamas. There are the cute little cheapies from Big W and then there are the designer ones that don’t look a lot different to the summer pants suits we wore in the 60’s, so if you can afford the designer label and are eternally late for work in the morning, why not it might save some time and the effort of thinking ‘now what will I wear today’!!

  6. I’ve seen some PJ’s lately that look more like ‘around the house’ clothes. I’ll keep my nightware to myself though I think.

  7. No no no no no…it was bad enough when some visitors were staying in the 80s from Germany and said why is everyone wearing PJs…they were referring to tracksuits of that

  8. I have seen a couple of people in their pj’s doing there shopping at the supermarket. Yuk. I can hardly wait to get dressed in my street clothes and get ready for the new day. Makes you feel good. Don’t be lazy people, get dressed properly.

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