An ex-burglar gives their insider tips on how to keep your house safe from crims

Want to keep your house safe from theft? An anonymous ex burglar has sent a letter to his Melbourne neighbourhood,

Want to keep your house safe from theft? An anonymous ex burglar has sent a letter to his Melbourne neighbourhood, telling them how to keep safe, reports the Herald Sun.

Neighbours were shocked to receive the typed letter in Rowville that appeared to be an apology.

The anonymous ex-crim said they had spent six years in jail for “opportunistic crimes, mostly property theft, either residential or vehicle”, said they were “attempting to set right the damage I caused” as they were now “drug and crime free and am honest in all my affairs”.

The well-written A4 letter said that the person didn’t want to reveal their identity as they have a young family and spent six years in prison for many crimes. You have to applaud them for their promise to be “committed to being a productive member of society”.

And the writer wanted to reiterate that they did not want to make people scared or feel unsafe – they just wanted to raise awareness.



• Don’t leave spare car or house keys in them;

• Never leave keys in them in shops or service stations (it takes five seconds to drive off);

• Don’t leave licenses in them.

Garages and sheds

• Always use padlocks where available;

• Always lock roller doors and the back door to the garage at night;

• If you have an access door from the garage to the house, keep it locked as you would the front and back doors;

• Mark items with identification pens.


• Alarm systems are cheap these days and are the best form of deterrence. Even if a burglar does enter, they won’t hang around long if an alarm is sounding;

• Minimise cash lying around openly;

• Don’t have spare keys for the house or cars lying around openly and make sure they’re accounted for if you are in fact burgled;

• If you have pet doors, make sure you have the main door deadlocked and window latches aren’t easily opened;

• If your property is stolen, enquire at pawn shops.

Tell us: do you think these tips are useful?

The letter sent to some houses in Rowville: Picture: Supplied

  1. R pple that stupid 2 leave cars unlocked n keys everywhere.. one can have deadlocks m large dogs but one still can break in2 a house via the roof tiles n go thru man hole. N if a thief is really pissed off with u he can throw a mollie cocktail thru an already smashed window.

    • Sydney south westie language when it talks regarding crime.. seen it all.. lived amongst it 20yrs
      Seen car ramming. heard cars explode. Seen houses explode. Seen windows shot out. Stabbings muggings a shooting. Seen fist fights galore. Full moon n pension week was an hysterical time 2 witness the crazies? better than tv .. drunken bodies on ones front lawn. Unconscious in yur driveway n the occasional deceased body. Junkies.. learnt a lot about pple in that hood. One could never go on a holiday.. a family tried it. They nailed their windows shut.. when they returned from holidays they were totally cleaned out.. nobody saw nothing..☺☺☺☺

  2. This is sad really. Can’t we just leave our stuff where we put it and not have it stolen? I think this thieving attitude in our country starts right back at school when one child takes another’s pencils and thee is no punishment for doing so. We never locked our doors as kids. I would hear my mother yell out from wherever she was in the house to come in when someone either knock or open the door and call out.

  3. Pretty basic advice – I found the article hard to read as it kept saying ‘they’ even though it is only one person. My advice – get a vocal dog.

    • Or the Techno version that has recorded dog sounds. I don’t have one yet,but was thinking of having one installed.

    • I dont need one – you would think our house was being torn down by the sound of one of them when anyone comes (even when I come home she starts, then realises it is me).

  4. This is pretty basic advice and something I would have thought everyone would be doing, however as this is an neighbouring suburb I’m very glad I also live in a gated community as far as extra security goes.

  5. Basic common sense. I do not use the remote to lock my vehicle as there are gagets to record the signal and they are in while you shop. B|

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