A social problem: A poem about domestic violence

This poem was sent in to us by poet Jeff Cook, and it really highlights the huge domestic violence problem

This poem was sent in to us by poet Jeff Cook, and it really highlights the huge domestic violence problem that exists.

If you measure a lifetime in years, it is true that she’d not have been classified old

Though her hair was just tending to grey instead when it still should be flaxen or gold

But the sorrow and heartache she’d suffered had seen her age so much faster than years

And her neighbours ignored all the thuds and the thumps at night, and her whimpers – and tears

They couldn’t help her as her husband came home drunk again from a night on the beer

They’d have heard every night as he yelled from the gate but no way would they “interfere”

Night after night it was always the same – tea too hot, or too cold, or too dry

They would hear the fists hit, and sometimes the boot and they couldn’t but help hear her cry

She appeared to be friendless (p’raps no-one was game to acknowledge her cuts and her bruises)

But if someone had asked her it’s certain that she’d have denied his attacks and abuses

They would all turn their backs when she walked in the street but they’d talk about her when she’d passed

And they’d say it’s a terrible shame and she was such a beautiful girl in the past

They’d approve of the fact that the boy that she had looked much more like her than like him

And they’d say that her case was as bad as they’d seen and her future looked dismal and grim

They would talk with each other of what they would do if their husband once raised his fist

But for all of their fears for the woman in need they never once tried to assist

The teachers who taught the young lad must have known that he seldom was properly fed

And the strain on his face would have given a hint even if the words were left unsaid

But the other kids teased him (like schoolchildren do) and the teachers ignored that as well

Mum and son suffered hell that nobody should ‘cause they both lacked the courage to tell.

It’s not of her making the trouble she’s in and the problem is not hers alone

Though it had to be his fault that he’s like he is, but the trouble is, those who have known

Didn’t do what they could to lighten her load – never let themselves get involved

Yet I’m sure that assistance from family and friends could have helped all her problems be solved

* * * * * *

Yes, now they are rallying to do what they can, why could they not do it before

She’s now charged with murder, for when he bashed the boy she just couldn’t take anymore

And she acted in anger and haste and in hate – never more would he ever abuse her

Now I’ll ask of her family, each neighbour and friend, would YOU be the first to accuse her?

If you or anyone you know is suffering from domestic violence, please call 1800-RESPECT or the police.

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