A relaxed dog for an easygoing owner: Are you Alpine's forever home?

This beautiful boy is looking for a home. He’s currently living at the Wacol RSPCA (QLD) and we’re hoping our Starts at 60 community will reach out and give him some love. Can you help him?

Name: Alpine
Type: Dog
Breed: Foxhound
Sex: Male
Size: Large
Age: 7 years

About Alpine:

Alpine here. I am a seven-year-old Foxhound at currently at RSPCA QLD’s Brisbane Campus at Wacol.

Are you looking for a relaxed easy going kind of guy? Well that sums me up in a nutshell. I will sit by your side with my head in your lap, or lay at your feet, or casually walk with you as we go for a stroll to the park. I know all the basic cues but I am just in that stage of my life where I would like to relax and settle down with someone nice.

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Starts at 60 Pets aims to find homes for beautiful abandoned, lost or donated animals. Do you know someone who would love Alpine?

A message from the RSPCA regarding dog adoption:

Matching the right people to the right dog is important to us at the RSPCA, that’s why we have an adoption process. Take your time to think about what type of dog you are after, and what type of dog is right for you and your family. Our dogs have been colour coded using our Find A Friend system to give you an indication of the family type that will suit them best.

Once you have spotted that special friend, an adoption assistant will talk to you about that particular dog, its needs, and its background. We will want to know about how the dog will live, so photos of your backyard are a good way of showing us about your lifestyle. We also ask about other family members and pets, and are happy to arrange a meet and greet with you and your existing pets. Above all else, our interest is in the welfare of the dog and making sure that it finds a ‘forever home’.

Each shelter will require an adoption application form to be filled, and an additional 24-hour cooling off period can be required to give you the opportunity to ensure you have made the right decision and not adopting on impulse. An interview can be arranged with an adoption officer to ensure that the best possible match has been made after this cooling off period.