A real life look at living with dementia

A mother and son's tragic journey
Dementia can be very confusing for both the sufferer and their families

A heartbreakingly real series of videos depicting life with dementia have been shared on social media.

Described as a mother and son’s journey with dementia, Joey Daley, a 45-year-old from Ohio, has started filming every day life events with his mother Molly.

Molly was diagnosed with lewy body dementia at the age of 65.

She is now 67 and lives in a nursing home, but Joey documents his visits and when he takes her on outings.

At the end of the most recent episode, after dropping his mother off, Joey gives an emotional talk to camera about what he described was the hardest day of his life.

“When your mother doesn’t know who you are,” he says through tears.

“I feel like she just died.”

“I think it is my brain,” Molly tells Joey earlier in the  video while they are discussing why she can’t recall who Joey’s parents are.

“I’ve heard this happens, dementia,” Molly says.


In a conversation about what she can remember she says she knows her family and friends, but can’t recall who Joey is.

In the first episode Joey talks to camera about their journey and why he is doing the series.

“Just to try to help people out there to understand dementia,” he says.

“I’m no expert, I’m just going through life trying to work it our for myself.”

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Joey followed up his latest video with a message to those who have been watching, after numerous messages had been left for him.

“The support from everyone is overwhelming. Thank you so much everyone for your comments and encouraging words,” he wrote.

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If you feel someone you love is showing signs of dementia it is important to get advice from your doctor. 

Would you ever document your life in this way? What do you think of the idea? 



  1. Kate Mary Mitchell  

    I just cried my eye’s out for mum and Joey,I have Vascular Dementia i am in first stages, Will this be me one day??? I don’t want my precious Children or Grandchildren to have to end each day like Joey, my heart breaks….

    • Susan Morris  

      Oh Kate I know what you’re saying and going through. I’m in early stage, I think, as had tests a year ago and now just had follow up one for Lewy body dementia. Plus after I found out what I had in February ’16, I also had to go see another dr and was told I have Parkinson’s Disease !!! I turned 60 in January.
      After watching just the first video so far, my fears are correct. I can’t have my children and grandchildren seeing me this way, let alone looking after me !!
      I’m not worried about me but I’m really really worried about my family !! 😔😔

  2. Karen  

    You are a good son, Joey! I feel your pain. My mom has Ahlzheimer’s. She lives in a memory care facility and when I go visit her each week, she’s so happy to see me, but doesn’t always remember my name. Please know that you mom knows you in her heart.
    I commend you for your visits. I equate dementia with a living death. It’s excruciating!

  3. Pam siljak  

    What a lovley story Joey i work with Dementia for 21 years i feel for family and friend . I must say i love careing for people like your mum .

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