A new way to push up daisies

Imagine this: looking out onto a field of beautiful and lush trees to later find out that a person is buried beneath each tree. This forest filled with the deceased is the new concept for cemeteries. It aims to capitalise on the land currently used by tombstone cemeteries with a more environmentally friendly option. What do you reckon? Do you think this is a disrespectful way to bury our loved ones or comforting knowing that they are still producing life? Would you like to be buried this way?

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The plan proposes to make cemeteries more eco-friendly by replacing headstone tombs with trees. It’s called “Capsula Mundi” and was created by two Italian designers who set out to make organic burial pods. For instance, a person’s remains turn into nutrients for a tree to grow directly above it. Meaning, we’d have cemeteries that look like forests. We’d go visit forests to mourn instead of grey slabs of concrete. We would quite literally have a “family tree”.


The design is simple – replace coffins with egg-shaped burial pods. Then, the deceased would act as a fertiliser within their biodegradable coffin. The seeds are planted on top of each pod and use the decomposing body to grow. So, this green burial method allegedly turns your loved one into a tree. Is this a bit creepy or actually a genius idea? Are cemeteries a waste of land? We could use land previously allocated for traditional tombstone cemeteries with beautiful, green forests.

burial pod


Is this concept completely crazy or possibly a good idea? Would you like to have a “family tree” like this? Share with us below.