9 things you probably didn’t know about Aldi

When Aldi first came on the supermarket scene over 10 years ago, it was a complete change from what we

When Aldi first came on the supermarket scene over 10 years ago, it was a complete change from what we were used to. Where were the plastic bags? Why is there only one brand of everything? And what’s going on with the weekly specials?

Germany’s Aldi has become incredibly popular in Australia as shoppers turn their back on traditional supermarkets in exchange for a cheaper, no-frills option. But do we really know Aldi?

There are some secrets of Aldi everyone who goes there regularly needs to know!

1. Their store layout is deliberate

Aldi’s store layout is not like Woolworths or Coles at all. The aisles are too distinct or high, and the special items are the only thing that seems to change.

According to the New Daily, by placing such products in the centre of its stores, customers are encouraged to weave their way through aisles of other items that might tempt them along the way.

And instead of putting fresh produce at the entrance as most of its rivals do, Aldi stocks the first aisle with pantry items like canned food and other pre-packaged goods so that the heaviest items go in the bottom of the trolley. It’s smart thinking – how many times have your bananas or celery been squashed?

2. They’re so quick at the register due to a number of things

Unlike Woolies or Coles, there are no self-serve checkouts at Aldi, nor do the staff stand up. They sit down and quickly scan everything so you can put it in your trolley and pack yourself on the packing bench. How can they do this so quickly? Well, there are multiple bar codes on every product so that when the cashier scans the item, they scan it the first time! There’s around 5 barcodes on every product.

3. Boxes are multi-functional

Aldi is all about cost cutting so they can keep prices low, which is why items are still in their boxes. A bonus is if you’ve forgotten a shopping bag, you can find an empty box on the shelf and carry your groceries in that.

4. The double back guarantee

Aldi offers a double back guarantee meaning if you don’t like an item, you can bring it back, get it replaced AND get your money back!

5. They don’t have a lot of staff in each store

Not only does this mean you’ll see more familiar faces, it means staffing keeps costs down for you. Each store has only three-five people working at once.

6. Store Brands vs Name Brands

Many of Aldi’s store brand items are actually name brand items with a different label!

7. They reduce their customer service costs

You won’t find the phone number for your local store anywhere or even a service/returns counter in-store as Aldi doesn’t have an employee dedicated to answering the phone. They also don’t have loyalty cards or use coupons, another tactic to keep costs down.

8. ALDImobile exists

That’s right, you can get an ALDImobile plan. According to the website, ALDImobile allows Australian ALDI customers to take advantage of a ‘smarter mobile service’. ALDImobile is a high quality service with low call rates and flexible options.

9. Rival LIDL is on its way to Australia

Another German-owned supermarket LIDL is on its way to our shores to act as a direct competitor to Aldi. And Lidl is no small company – it’s the fourth largest retailer in the world and raked in $100 billion per year.

Lidl will sell a range of goods and services including paints, laundry and cleaning ­liquids, tools, cooking equipment, alcohol, stationery, furniture and camping equipment, household utensils, clothing, coffee, pastry and jams as well as meat, dairy, fruit and vegetable products, plus premium brands – which Aldi does not presently offer.

Tell us, do you love shopping at Aldi?

  1. Aldis is the best. A new store being built in our town, and caannot wait until it opens.

    • Glenda  

      Please no music Vicki its so nice to be able to walk around and think without music which is usually to loud and not always to ones taste!! Plus if you meet a friend while there you can hear what they are saying ☺

      • Marilyn  

        Oh please no! One of only a few stores that I shop with a peaceful mind. I love Aldi 😀

    • Pat Coleman  

      I also enjoy Aldis,like their products and service.

    • Elaine  

      Why does no one come to New Zealand ..fed up with overpriced groceries ..we need competion here ..Supermarkets and stores getting away with Robbery here ..Should be wearing a mask when they serve you !! Please Aldi ,Lidl..etc come here …We desperately need you ..Oh!! and not just in Auckland and bigger towns ..

    • There is no background “music.” What a relief,especially if you are hard of hearing.Employees will drop what they are doing to help.I knew most of the tips and agree.I’m amazed at how readily they take returns and do refunds.

  2. I dislike shopping most times, but enjoy going to Aldi’s. I love the simplicity not to mention the savings. The speed at the checkout and yes, I also manage to find an employee if I have a question. A great store.

    • Helen Kent  

      .first I ‘Ve heard of a return policy, my sister returned an item which they said would to be sent away for repairs, 2 years later still hasn’t got product and they have no record of it, good one

  3. john pelgrave  

    We live in Far North Queensland , not far away from Cairns, unfortunately Aldi does not go any further North than Bundaberg/Kingaroy at this present stage.
    We always shop in Aldi when we visit anyone in the SouthEast. Just so simple to find what you want, the quality is still the same as it is usually a well known brand in Europe, or their fruit/Veg, Fresh Meat , Milk , Bread Dairy is all sourced in Oz . And usually all this stuff is cheaper than the Coles/Woolies comparable goods.

    • Dorothy  

      Hi John, yes we live in Cairns and look forward to Aldi coming here. When we visit our son in Newcastle we always go to Aldi.

  4. Yes, I do love shopping at Aldi. I know there are several things I can’t buy there, so I shop at Aldi first and then to Coles or Woolwoorths. The only thing I can say is that Aldi is a little sombre, with no personality, so a little music would be nice….

    • Ann  

      One of the things I like best about Aldi is the absence of all that terrible canned music in the other supermarkets

    • Marilyn  

      Go to Woolies or Coles if you want music! Geez!

    • Jed  

      It’s a supermarket,not a discount, get real

    • Margaret Lowe  

      Oh please no music. That is one good thing about Aldi.

  5. John Bateson  

    Aldi is a lot more economical than the big stores. In other words you get more bang for your buck. I shop there all the time now. If I go to one of the larger traditional stores I shudder at the prices I pay compared to Aldi. Their products are comparable if not better in some cases to the larger stores. Thanks Aldi for coming into and giving us more economical choices.

  6. Dorothy  

    I know that Aldi is ethical and i have been told by a small supplier that they pay their bills on invoice. Not like the other two – 60 days if you’re lucky.
    I just love them anyway ☺

    • Matt  

      Apparently Woolworths and Coles pay some of the suppliers when they sell the goods

  7. Rhonda  

    Sadly they don’t exist in Tasmania……yet?!

  8. Jeneane  

    I state again that we don’t have one in Tassie. PLease consider us, we have a very popular outlet area in Cambridge which old be perfect.

    • Perhaps they could build one at Campbelltown?? But on which side of the gate??? Lol

    • trisha  

      Yes guess we are a small state, but Launceston is central and could easily supply a large
      number of shoppers. Perhaps it is the cost of our so called “Highway”! We love Aldi
      and enjoy shopping when we visit family in Queensland. I bought a pancake pan last
      visit, and it was funny getting it onto the plane!

      Come on Aldi, we want you here please.

  9. J.Loehr  

    i knew Aldi from way back in cologne they always were cheaper as anyone else when they finaly managed to get here it was marvelous i i shop all i can at aldies , i often still have to go to coles as well but aldie is good stuff

  10. J Badke  

    Aldi is terrific, I shop at Both Woolworths and Aldi – I find I am starting to spend more at Aldi there prices are great, and the quality of their meat is wonderful, never had any problems at all, My husband and I are retiring to New Zealand later this year I do hope Aldi will eventually open up over there

  11. Let me tell you – Aldi mobile is excellent using Telstra 4G network in most places. It runs rings around the others. Pity Aldi is not in Tassie

  12. Andrew Cieslak  

    As we are of Polish heritage we love the European food that you cannot buy at Coles and Woollies ….. especially at xmas and easter ….. the european products have us going back because we can’t get enough of them …..

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