9 DIY easy and creative permanent marker projects

If you thought that Sharpie pens were just for labelling boxes, think again. This pen is likely one of the most versatile tools you own and you’ll be amazed at how it can improve your home.

Here are 9 creative and easy permanent marker project ideas.


1. Fix up your chair or stool with a fun design


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 2. Use rubbing alcohol to smudge the sharpie colour to create a water-colour effect on your pillows and furniture


3. Make your own gift wrap, tags or bookmarks with a handmade stencil shape

gift tags

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gift wrap

4. Draw on old wine bottles to create a funky flower vase

flower vase

5. Write your favourite poem or quote on your flower pot

flower pot

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6. You can do the same quotes or poems on your lamp shade as well

lamp shade

7. Personalise your coffee mugs & dishes



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8. Colour your light switch


9. Design your own wallpaper with any pattern (okay…maybe don’t attempt this one!)


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 Source: Buzzfeed


Have you ever used a sharpie to decorate? Will you try any of these suggestions? Share with us below.