9 amazing and unusual uses for denture cleaning tablets

Most people would think that denture tablets are a one-use product, but in actual fact, they’re very useful – even if you don’t have false teeth!

Best of all, if you don’t have any denture tablets, they’re very cheap to purchase.

Here’s 9 of our favourite uses. Do you have any other tips?


1. Make your diamond rings sparkle

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Put a denture tablet into a glass of water, and drop in your ring or other diamond jewellery. Let soak for 10 minutes and rinse.

2. Shine glasses

Do you have hard water stains on your glasses? Fill with water and drop in a tablet. Once the fizzing has stopped, you’ll see the mineral deposits disappear.

3. Clean your coffee machine or kettle

Drop two denture tablets in the glass pot or kettle and fill it with water. Run the machine and discard. It’ll be good as new!

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4. Remove yellow stains from clothing

Yellow sweat stains on white clothes can be unsightly. Mix two tablets with water and wait for the fizzing to finish. Pour over the stain, let sit for 10 minutes, then wash as usual.

5. Clean the toilet

All you need to do to get a sparkling bowl is pop two tablet into the bowl and let dissolve. Flush after 20 minutes – it’s that easy.

6. Clean enamel cookware

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Fill the pot or pan with warm water and drop in a tablet or two, depending on its size. Once the fizzing has stopped, your cookware will be clean.


7. Unclog a drain

Crush up some denture tablets and run water until the drain unclogs. If it’s still blocked, follow with a cup of white vinegar and boiling water.

8. Clean stained coffee cups

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Put a tablet in your stained cup with a little water and wait til dissolved. Leave overnight then rinse.

9. Whiten fingernails

Denture tablets works well for whitening yellowed or discoloured fingernails. Simply put 2 tablets into a bowl of water and when the bubbles stop, soak your fingernails for about 10 minutes and dry.


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